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December 31, 2007

done! I finished the first handspun hat!

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I am completely amazed with myself. I had one yard of yarn left over after finishing the top of the hat. My decreases were not rushed, but I managed to create a semi-flat top. (I couldn’t tell you what I did exactly, but I decreased rarely and frequently in alternating rows. That works really well for me when I want to avoid that weird conehead effect.) This is the regular old roll-brim hat.

first handspun hat

The color is awesome, but that is entirely due to the yarn. Yarn that I spun. Okay, sure, it was fiber I just bought, not like I ranched the sheep myself and laboriously carded the wool. I did not even dye this, but I am still completely thrilled.

I have not had a new hat for me in 4 years. There are no good photos yet because the flash does not do the colors justice. (That is the yarn if you look at this blog’s header image, taken with a flash, it just looks gray, but it is blue, green, gray, with a bit of pink to it; it was a heathered blend merino roving I bought at a show.)

December 30, 2007

last week it was the merino, hold the olive. this week needs the martini

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social first. I continued my project of interacting with people. A lot of those first contacts I made panned out, with people who responded enthusiastically. Apparently it is not easier for other people to make friends. Today was a knitting group in a neighboring town. So I get credit for interacting with people in person.

knit second. ♦I have started the decreases on the hat-for-me from the handspun. That might be finished as soon as tonight. ♦I finished the knitting for the oven mitt (though the felting still does not look done).

spin third. I did not do a lot of spinning this week in terms of volume. I did the December Fiber Club yarn, and did my first chain ply (Navajo). Then I spun the rest of the fiber club into a single. I plan to ply that today or tomorrow.

December 29, 2007

today’s progress

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Most assuredly, back-end things that make this blog more of an interactive venture do not count toward fiber progress, but it adds something to my experience. I figured out how to add other people’s blogs to the “blogroll” and more importantly, I added all of them to the Google Reader, so I do not suffer while keeping up with everyone’s postings.

From a knitting standpoint, I actually have demonstrable progress on the handspun hat for me. It is the standard roll brim hat, but thick handspun will not be well suited to a complicated pattern or texture. I finished at least a dozen rounds. Having this well-started will help for the knitting group meeting tomorrow. I was dreading not having anything to be working on that would allow me to talk without cursing.

On the spinning front, I finished the rest of the December fiber club singles. I still need to chain ply that, but it is still closer than it was.

UFO to FO, What is next?

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I have a list of projects I am considering. This is not a poll where the kind reader gets to choose, but if there are suggestions, I could use a bit of orienteering here.

I agreed to do the “Endpaper Mitts” (by Eunny Jang) as a knit-along with someone else. I might need to clear off some needles to manage it, but those needles are holding some toe-up socks that are just past the toe part. I could not possibly finish the socks by next week. But it is difficult to give up on socks which are actually started.

I have a hat-for-me from handspun that I have cast on for.

I need some fingerless mittens like you would not believe. It has been excessively cold here. I have not been getting any knitting done because my fingers do not bend when they are frozen.

I have a hat for someone else that I really need a larger size circ to do (my biggest 16″ circ is a #10.5). I have known this for several weeks now. I could have ordered some.

I have been browsing for a lace shawl pattern for a while now. I finally found one I like by Evelyn Clark (“Dancing Leaves”), but it’s $10 and my experience with paid patterns is that they are not a lot better than starting from scratch entirely. I have some sport/DK weight 3-ply alpaca (purchased) that cries out to be this kind of shawl.

I have two hanks of Lorna’s Laces shepherd worsted that isn’t enough for a sweater (I bought all they had in that colorway, it was not my fault.) I want to knit with that. Really want to be knitting with that and cannot think of a project. I think it would make for a nice mostly solid lace shawl with 450 yards. I could possibly make a short vest.

I also really want to be spinning. I have the rest of the December Spunky Fiber Club to do. And I should finish it before I forget what I did the first time.

I found a friend who wants handspun yarn, so I have some things in mind to spin for her.

December 27, 2007


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In this case I mean that to be Finished Object… if one may count things which need felting before the felting is completed. The knitting is done.

The object in question is the oven mitt. There was that knitpicks pattern for felted oven mitts. I like that pattern a lot more once I made it a smidge larger around so I did not need to use two-circs. I wanted to make sure it would actually protect hands from heat, so I did a fair isle patterning on it using the Norwegian mitten pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

The first felting never goes well for me. I get a sort of preliminary blurring of fibers together, but it is not serious. I certainly do not get any shrinking. I will toss this mitt in with some laundry tomorrow and see how it goes. I like the end result of felting, but the lack of manual control of the process concerns me.

I have not done anything as to the photohosting. It appears that there are batch editing tools for almost anything popular, so all I need to do is choose one and get an account.

December 25, 2007

frogs in the turtle pond eating up pebbles

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I had to frog the hat I was knitting from handspun #4 3. There was not any other choice. It kept feeling like it was going to be too tight. The yarn itself is not even enough that gauge could be accurately measured either. I just started with 50 stitches and a size 9 circ. It was probably close enough, in retrospect, but there is no reason to worry the whole time.

I finished the main body of the oven mitt I am planning to felt. This freed up the size 10.5 circ I should have been using for the hat from handspun #4.

When it is purled, handspun #4 looks like river pebbles. I think that is very cool.

December 24, 2007

daily spinning

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I spun up half of the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club December ’07 offering today. I also spun two bobbins of white BFL, but it really wants to be three-ply. You are about to notice a problem… I do not have enough bobbins to finish either thing.

Whenever someone started talking about wanting a second wheel after having their first wheel for a month, I thought they had shopped poorly. But it is completely true for me. Obviously I should have the ability to alternate between projects. I could order more bobbins. I could laboriously wind singles onto “storage bobbins”. (Storage bobbin being an alias for “empty toilet paper tube”, naturally.) But the most desirable option would be to have another wheel so I could spin on one and ply on the other.

The December club thing is lime green, aqua/turquoise, and eye-bleed red in separate thirds. I made 8 vertical strips from it so the colors would stripe more quickly. The other option would have been to spin those sections individually and ply them with themselves. But since I did not particularly value this colorway, I decided it would make a good experiment for Navajo plying. I shall report back with my results.

Later back at the desk, I do not remember who thought Navajo plying was hard or undesirable to do. I liked getting a three-ply yarn from a single bobbin. I forgot to take pictures of the single, but I have the plied yarn wrapped around the swift/skeiner. The yarn is absolutely beautiful. The colors are perfectly aligned and intensified by this method. I would highly recommend it.

There is a definite problem with Navajo plying…. I have about 35 yards from 2 ounces of fiber. As much as I am dismayed by the massive foreshortening, I am also disturbed by the thought that I might need a half-pound of anything on my head. I may have some over-twisted sections (or all of it even). Overall, the end result yarn makes me happy though, and I was not planning to use this fiber for anything specific so it was an ideal time to experiment.

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