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January 31, 2008

photos galore

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I finished the first handspun mitt. The picture is not amazing. The yarn is white. The background is white. It is a real pain to be taking pictures of your own hand. My dear readers should be noting the really spiffy flared cuff, the nicely done thumb gusset, and the piss poor (but it worked) Kitchner rib bind-off.

Endpaper Mitt photos, top side and bottom side. Can you see the pattern error in the colorwork?

One of the yarns I washed today in preparation for sending to a friend, “Thunderstorm” from Spunky Eclectic. The color is a little off, with the flash, but not as much as sometimes.

The Spunky Fiber Club January 2008 fiber, predrafted.

don’t go chasin’ waterfalls

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Things are not going well in the Endpaper Mitts. I looked at the pattern (which is finally starting to take shape after two repeats) and there is an error! I am very dismayed. I was going to give them to a known-skinny friend, since I have arm muscles and extra padding over bones that grew up in dairy country. Eunny Jang looks Asian in her photos and her arms look like those of 7-year-old Chinese acrobats in these mitts. The ribbing is desperately small considering it hits mid-forearm on all the pictures. I cannot get it over my palm, so the recipient needs to be someone whose skeleton folds in on itself.

You might guess that the combination is not enticing to work on. I plan to take have taken photos (but they are not yet posted) and will let other people tell me if they think the pattern error is a deal-breaker.

These mitts are so frustrating to work on that I find myself alternately manically enthused about any other fiberwork or completely uninterested in knitting at all.

I have some spinning to show off.

The new Spunky Club fiber for January is pre-drafted. It needed pre-drafting. It is that Icelandic wool, both the top and undercoat, so I think that makes it “lopi” wool. It was very compacted into its box. The combination of squished roving and dense roving was not going to spin well. It fluffs up really nicely but is not a skin-touching fiber. It would make good slippers. It would make an excellent bag. Several people have said they wanted to spin it for a shawl. I would be very disappointed in a lace shawl from lopi wool. I am not even sure it will felt nicely because those outer hairs are more pernicious than guard hairs in unpicked llama. I regretted pre-drafting the fiber while wearing a white shirt because it was covered in crinkly black wool hairs. The color on this month’s fiber is really delicious looking when it is all pre-drafted. It looks like a waterfall.

So again, it appears to be time for photos.

January 28, 2008

Passing along ideas.

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There are a lot of people who worry about spinning 2-ply yarn from different bobbins because (at least for beginners) there is rarely an even length on each. Some people even say the remaining single is “wasted”.

I came up with a two-fold solution. First, we should all be trying to spin consistently anyway. Second though, is making a Navajo ply of the remaining single. I usually get just a few yards of Navajo 3-ply yarn. The question becomes what to do with a sample-size skein. I cast on with the 3-ply. Making mittens or a hat… the first edge takes a lot of abuse. Or I have just that little bit of yarn if something needs darning later.

Now I do not worry about whether my bobbins are exactly the same. (Though it is a terrific feeling when the ends are less than a yard different.)

Another thing I learned today was how to do a tubular bind off (which is a variant of Kitchner grafting) without a darning needle. Kitchner without sewing needle and Kitchner bind off
I am practicing that on a worsted-weight mitt before it comes up on Endpaper.

Progress on the “Endpaper Mitt” proceeds at a slow pace. I did three rounds today. Since I started out this morning 20 rounds overdue, I need to move it along. But I can, pretty steadily, knit three rounds in an hour.

January 27, 2008

spinning guilt

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That is not a typo.

I went to my first spinning guild meeting. I think it was a very unfortunate choice of day.

Since I have returned home, I have been becoming more and more upset by the slideshow given by Sara Lamb.

I know I did not react appropriately because I did nothing.

January 25, 2008

Yea and I walk through the valley of unused yarn

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I have done a little spinning, a little knitting, and a little writing.

Knitting progress: I have finished the first repeat of the colorwork for “Endpaper Mitts”. I should take a photo.

Speaking of photos. WordPress.com has increased the stuff storage allotment to 3Gb, meaning that if I had waited less than a month, I would not have bothered with any of the other photo hosting places. My frustration levels on photo inclusion are already high, but at least this is something new to try. I was ready to sign up for a Blogger blog, just to have something which would speak directly to my Picasa account.

Spinning wise, I plied those singles which have been waiting a month. I think they look marginal, about like all the yarn from the very beginning. Of course, it is difficult to tell whether that was because of the singles or because of user-error during plying.  I did spin a new bobbin of colored singles in the Spunky Eclectic colorway “Thunderstorm”.

Writing wise, I have a draft of my tubular-in-the-round instructions. I am constantly frustrated by the idea one would knit several rows of tubular cast-on flat, then join, but the instructions are really hard to extrapolate. It seems obviously easier to just cast-on in-the-round than to graft 2 or 4 rows of gap together.

I have another potential hat sitting next to me at my desk.  I plan to use it to illustrate the tubular cast-on, but even that does not cry out in a guilt-laden siren song of neglect.

January 22, 2008

hibernating is for bears.

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My Knitpicks order arrived today with no problems. I like that they shipped it USPS because it was waiting for me.

It is very cold here. I am wearing my alpaca scarf. Yes, inside. I made it from Knitpicks Decadence. And it really did feel decadent because I bought 8 balls and made a rainbow scarf. So it cost $50 for this scarf. Yes, I still have the other half ball in each color, but until I use it, all the cost goes on this project. I did not really like the Decadence yarn. It is very soft but does not feel good next to my skin. I found the skeins to be a bear to wind and the 2-ply yarn to split unless great care was taken. But Knitpicks discontinued it, so my review matters not.

I was talking about spinning fiber sources with Seedless Grape recently and I really think I lucked into the best deal going with Spunky Eclectic. There exist cheaper places, but most of them only take paypal, plus Boogie is just awesome. I am starting to anticipate the January Spunky Fiber Club shipment. However, should you have a great source of intensely colored (fully prepared) fiber, please do consider commenting either here or via the form.

I found a shawl book. Wrapped In Comfort by Alison Jeppson Hyde. It is a whole book of part-circular shawls. It is also inexpensive. I wrote a letter to the author thanking her for writing exactly what I had been looking for (for a year now) and she was very gracious. ETA: I actually bought this book. It will arrive shortly. It will be my fifth purchased knitting book. All the others have been borrowed from the library and returned without qualm.


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I finished the ribbing on the “Endpaper Mitt”. I really dislike ribbing.

On the plus side, I could power through this and actually keep up with the knit-along. That is something which seemed impossible before the ribbing was completed.

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