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November 6, 2008

going forward after finishing

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How many of you listen to podcasts? I just started and I like how open the format is, so many more people can share in a multi-media way and it is not filtered by television networks who seem to prefer everything be dumbed down. But I could use some recommendations for high (content) quality podcasts.

My spinning wheel has been taunting me while I ground out the revisions on my sweater vest. I might just have to go there next.

I still have pyjama hemming to do. One top even has its sleeves pinned already.

I normally have multiple on-going projects so finishing one does not feel like I am done knitting forever. Probably having just finished the book I was reading, just finished the big political stuff for the election, and just finished the end weaving for the sweater on the same day was a lot of doors closing at once.

ETA: I fixed my headphones problem. I had some headphones that the foam had died on (it would get foam dust on my ears which gives my ears a rash, it is extremely unpleasant). So I covered them with flannel. If too much of the padding goes away, I will insert some old pillow. (Everyone saves old pillows, right? Half a handful of pillow guts…. The funny thing is given how much I hate to sew that I would be willing to make my own covers, until you understand how I did it. I used rubberbands.

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