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November 19, 2008

Four Jagged Thoughts

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  1. [Printing is one of the most annoying things about computers.]  Patterns within someone’s blog should have a downloadable version! It took me ages to grab just the pattern text to the Woodland Shawl. I do not want a gajillion comments. It fit on 2 pages, but before I excised the pattern, more than 30 pages. 
  2. I am giving up on the local “fiber community” after an incident yesterday where a forum topic said, “Everybody except [________] join…” and no one has complained. I might be tactless, but I would not have been rude like that. I have talked with several people outside of that community and no longer feel like I am the only voice decrying what happened. But if you have been considering commenting or emailing, this would be a good time to make friends. I am feeling lonely. 
  3. Spinning is proceeding on the CMF BFL “Stonehenge”. I have 2 ounces of single left. CMF sent an email today saying their prices are going up in January. I think they are already expensive considering the shipping costs.
  4. Across the board, I have seen fiber prices double since I started spinning a year ago. It must be supply and demand though. Yarn doubled in price when knitting became popular.  It is hard to justify the difference though and I am glad I stocked up. 

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