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November 23, 2008

projects status: m’Envy and Stonehenge sweater

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Let me see. 4 days ago I had no idea which of the umpteen fingerless mitt patterns I wanted to do. I picked one, based on the pattern matching the yarn I wanted to use and the instructions being relatively easy to print. I had omitted it because the designer’s yarn choice was really appallingly poor. I know I have strong opinions about yarn, all knitters seem to, but cables in a space-dyed tweedy yarn really do not seem worth the extra effort because no one can see them. So I have cast on for the first “Mitt Envy”. It looks like I will need to start again because I am unhappy with the resultant fabric. Still thinking. I have other yarn choices available or I could use different needles. 

I finished plying the last of the CMF BFL “Stonehenge”. This morning I washed the yarn. It is outside in the shade drying now. That plying session was the worst one yet. I normally slightly over-ply because I prefer to knit with that and because there is a bit of untwisting that happens while the yarn is spooling. This time I had to go back and add twist (essentially re-ply) because the singles were not mating at all. No idea what it was. The yarn still looked a little underplied when skeined but hopefully the washing and thwacking will help even it out. 

I had quite a bit of single left on that, but I wound it onto a fake bobbin (TP tube) and will either ply it up for some random yarn project (I have a collection of bits of single now) or maybe when I am knitting the sweater there will be a point where I need just a little more.  With that yarn,  I plan to knit myself a “Francis”. There may not be enough yarn though. The Francis is a top-down raglan with a cowl neck added on to picked up collar stitches. I know I have plenty of yarn for the body and the collar, but I am a little unsure about how much sleeves take up. 

I got a definite reprieve on the shawl project. It stopped being a Christmas thing and started being a February thing. It will still be late, but I no longer feel like I am already procrastinating.

PS: I had to look up the plural of status. There appears to be some dissent. Officially as a Latin-derived word, the plural is “status” (albeit with a different pronunciation), but American dictionaries suggest “statuses”. Because it is a different part of speech, it does not take the strange plural like octopus/octopi or virus/virii.  Thus, the post title should be correct although it looks definitely odd to me as an American.

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