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November 29, 2008

It’s not too late to click it, click it good.

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I saw a commercial where the woman could not book a vacation online because she was afraid the price would drop. I have never had that problem for that reason. Vacation prices do not drop in my experience. The longer you wait, the more it costs. I do, however, have that problem. I cannot seem to click it. 

[You should all pause here for the mental replay of the Devo song, “Whip It”. Thank you.] 

I went out to the kitchen gadget store in Berkeley last week and to get rice from Vik’s. (If you live near here, Vik’s is moving soon, so you will want to check their website before making an excursion. The sign said 4 blocks.)  I admit that I planned to buy things. I came home with a lot more stuff and spent a lot more money than I had anticipated. Most of the new things are extremely cool and I am pleased. I only feel a little ill from buying them. I know we needed the rice. But having already spent a bunch of money “out of season”, I am struggling with buying more things.

I want to subscribe to the “Fondle This!” 2009 fiber club from Susan’s Spinning Bunny. I know it would push me out of my comfort zone because of the new fibers and accompanying patterns. I know I enjoyed the prompting last year for the Spunky Eclectic fiber club— prompting where the new box jumps up and down shouting, “Spin me!” (Even though I did not enjoy most of the selections.) 

I am having trouble clicking the button even though I have the money.

[If you were waiting for the song reminder…. probably, “Stranded” by Heart, because it starts with “Standing here, helpless. Where do I go…” ]

[You should all be glad I am as old as I am, because the song could easily have been the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”.]

So. Here is my request. Come and tell me that I should buy something I really want because it will add to my personal happiness.

(Obviously in this economy I should clarify… I have the money available and it is not a choice between this and something essential. I will not be sitting here in the dark, being cold and hungry because I spent too much money frivolously. There are days when I sit here in the dark being cold and hungry, but that is a personal defect stemming from my complete inability to spend money.)

Bagging a Knitting Bag is harder than it seems.

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I finally find a bag I really like. It has these hexagons on it and they look like tortoise shells. It is constructed like a rug, so I know it is going to be durable. It has suede handles (fabric handles are a failure point in my experience). So I go and look for it. The place selling them says their online store is broken. So I point it out to my husband and say, “I like that. If I could tell what it costs, I would put it on my Christmas list.” So he went and found a price. $340. No way can I ask for that! I was thinking it might be worth $80 or so. But I apparently have excellent taste. I can identify the most outrageously priced accessory without any sort of context what-so-ever. That is ridiculous.

Could you imagine carrying a bag like that around? I would be afraid the bag would get stolen in and of itself. I certainly could not use it for a knitting bag since most groups meet in places with questionable floors. I would need a bag to carry my precious bag in. 

I could use a good portable container for knitting. I have a fold-open cloth basket/bag thing but it is so deep and black on the inside that I think of it as a black hole. (I once misplaced 8 skeins of acrylic yarn while I was making a fancy colorwork hat. The basket looked empty. I really wondered how I had lost an entire tub of yarn like that.) I have a tote bag for when I go places. If I am going somewhere to knit, I usually cram my yarn and project into a plastic canister and set it in the tote bag. If I am needing to go somewhere and not take up gobs of room, I grab one of those handled gift-bags because they are small and stand up on their own. 

Also: I have started faving patterns on Ravelry that are not free. Obviously I am not going to actually buy a pattern (they are never my size; if I have to do all the work anyway, then I would prefer to start from scratch) but I do like some of the ideas presented. Double-breasted jacket is a good idea. Moroccan colorwork socks are really cute. If you are watching the RSS feed of what your Rav!friends are doing, please do not consider this an endorsement. I just like the picture shown. I realized that if one of my friends talked about a book or yarn or pattern positively, I was more likely to investigate further, even if it was subconscious and much later. That would be why I did not tell you which bag I had liked.

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