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February 28, 2009

pictures: Raspberry Friday Socks, completed

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February 27, 2009

Stitches West 2009, just the market

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I made it to Stitches West today. I was disappointed by some of the places I had liked last year but found several new places. I spent less money than I had allocated and was able to leave by 2pm which should have improved the drive home (but did not.) 

I know I have lots of things that I owe pictures of. Please wait. 

RedFish Dyeworks finally has a real website: http://redfishdyeworks.com/magento/index.php/ but this year their colorways were nothing special and with the same kind of premium pricing they had last year. That was the biggest disappointment. The people who had dyed my lapis lazuli fiber now have orange and pink and puke green colorways (yes, all together), just like everyone else. 

The Royal Hare had some wonderful superwash merino last year, in a really gorgeous brown colorway… this year it was all clown colors. 

I was surprised by how much I disliked the Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn. I had expected, when I saw it in person, to really love their various black-overdye colorways. But they were all too subtle for me. I might have liked it better if they had had some of the blue and purple ones, but all they had were pink and green variants. 

I stopped by the Mountain Colors booth because  every online store selling their stuff has a different picture for the same colorway and it is impossible to tell what it will really look like. I was told by the MC people that “everyone’s monitor is different”. I took that rather badly because my monitor is the same between websites I view and the pictures are still different.  I did find several colorways I like, but they don’t sell it there and the other places selling it do not have it arrayed similarly. One place just had boxes of it on the floor for people to dig through… which guarantees I would not want any of the yarn from that place no matter what. 

I meant to buy another skein of sock yarn but there were no deals.

Everything is so crowded, and remember I went on Friday, that it is hard to buy things most places. 

I came home with everything I paid for, and all of the items weigh what they say they do. But most places did not give me a receipt and that is scary/frustrating. 

Right now I am home, I have my feet up, and I still feel strung out and overwhelmed.

February 26, 2009

Bird songs

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Rav group invitation received and dismissed. [Today’s event was sponsored by childfree bingo. Now back to your regularly scheduled on-topic reading. ]

I am almost done with the second Raspberry Friday Sock. 

There are still no photographs. 

Silk spinning to thread for the February fiber club project proceeds. 

Stitches market tomorrow.

February 23, 2009

Weekend fiber updates.

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The story in which I am a complete idiot starts with a recalcitrant bobbin. Periodically I have some conglomeration of factors which mean the yarn does not uptake onto the bobbin. If, after checking the obvious, a few tries do not fix this, the best solution is to swap for a new bobbin and start over. Unfortunately making a cabled yarn with only 4 bobbins means there are points in a project when there are no other bobbins available. I tried taking the bobbin off, oiling the flyer contact points on the inner rim, and resetting everything back into place. Finally everything started to work, but there was a lot of frustration and I had to manually unply the first yard or so. 

Fast forward to the end of the bobbin, when I realize, far far far and way way way too late, that I have cable-plied in the same direction of the first plying round. I know when I started my attempts that I was going the correct way. I know because I thought about it and deliberately hand-rotated the wheel the correct way before actively treadling. Now I have hundreds of yards of yarn that wants to supercoil and no real way of fixing it. 


I also need to replace a screw that has been weird since I got my wheel. I have a backup plan if that does not cure the weird knocking noise— apparently other people (in general) have problems with screws working loose and there is a “super glue” to help that problem. I’m also going to see if they happen to have winged screws with a larger wingspan while I am at the hardware store. I have problems where on cold days, I cannot get the flyer to stay on when I am going full speed. On those cold days though, my fingers are weak and stiff. But that is exactly when I would prefer to spin than knit, so I will make a search for improved ergonomics. 


Photographs. I know no one cares about picture-less posts, so I will update the status. I can now upload old photos that I had on my computer already. This is of little interest to you, I know. I have not found the discs with the camera-decanting software. In theory, Picasa will talk to my camera. I might try that. If it works, I will post pictures of my new sock yarn and the February fiber club. 


I am planning to go to the Stitches marketplace on Friday. I am driving. If you know me and want to come along, email or call.

February 22, 2009

new yarn, no pictures

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I got my yarn from SimplySocksYarn.com (I keep forgetting the “yarn”  part.) I like the colors of what I got and I think the prices were good. I got nice service.

There was a problem with my order, a particular colorway was not available. That is the kind of problem where bad service is readily apparent, a place with poor service would email the customer and be outraged that the order has problems and demand that the customer pick something different. That was a polar opposite from what happened. I got a polite and apologetic email saying I could pick another color, wait more than 4 weeks, or have that item removed from my order. There was a specific link given to the page with the available colors. Since I had a second choice, I told them what I wanted and it shipped the same day!

The reason it took this long to get my yarn is related to mail service. My new postal carrier does not leave packages. I missed my delivery and that caused my yarn to be held hostage for 2 days! 

I got free shipping, but I felt really guilty about it. I only bought $85 of stuff and it cost them $12 to send it. 

Anyway. pictures later. perhaps much later.

February 21, 2009

There can be comments.

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And, wordpress.com finally has comment threading. That means the “correct behavior” is now obvious. I am supposed to reply to comments in place. Comment notification for people without wordpress.com account is probably still weird/absent. But at least we have finally gotten to the point where this can be interactive in a non-confusing way. And yes, I did turn the threading on.

WordPress.com has been announcing new themes regularly, but I think they are all useless because they are all fixed-width for people with monitors from 15 years ago. Finally the newest one accomodates my screen width! Most of the fixed width ones make this look like one column of newsprint on a giant empty page. I might actually switch. 

Still no progress on the camera stuff, but that is because I did not work on it.

February 20, 2009

bird song.

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Still no photos. Started the heel of the second Raspberry Friday sock. Found a local source for non-crap plying thread.

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