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February 3, 2009

Grousing About Buying Yarn

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 Never again will I shop Sundara Yarns. Today’s update was delayed twice and still sold out in under 20 minutes. There is not enough of that to go around and I will not waste my time looking and dreaming about stuff that does not exist in my reality. 

Sock is progressing. I weighed the remaining ball and my scale says 97g. It is out of “113g”  but I am past the ankle. It seems really unlikely that I am getting a sock from 20g of yarn. I really should have weighed the ball before starting. Next time I will know better. 

I ordered some more needles from KnitPicks today.  I detest the Addi Turbo needles I have been using lately. 

I am going to Yarn School. The airfare was phenomenal. $211 round trip, non-stop on Southwest. 

I spent some time browsing for sock yarns. Jimmy Beans Wool and The Loopy Ewe both have some nice stuff, but I am unfamiliar with commercial brand names and found it difficult to get a comprehensive view of what was available.  I would like a hand-dyed, washable wool+, cabled sock yarn in a heavy fingering—- and the colorway should include no white. (I consider whiteness to be a sign of a poor dye job.)

Yes, this would be a good time to visit my LYS and ask someone.  There is just so much overhead in going to the local stores that I keep thinking about driving to the ‘burbs instead of putting up with it. Then I think, “If it will be that much trouble, I should just order online.” I would have done so if I could have gotten the information I needed. Are there online shoppers who honestly do not care whether their yarn is 2-ply or 3-ply? 

Whenever I try to buy yarn, I am reminded of why I wanted to take up spinning. There are just too many headaches involved.

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