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February 5, 2009

Candy Butter wouldna melt in her mouth

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I have half the yarn for my cabled sock yarn done. 2 bobbins of singles, plied. One nice thing about this project is that since I really did not like the fiber (the texture is wonderful, but the color is awful) I am just zipping through it. That means I am getting a lot more experience with a finer gauge of spinning than I practiced last year. 

I worry some about trying to knit socks with handspun. There cannot be a good gauge swatch because this handspun is variable; hopefully the second round of plying will even it up some. The yarn does not have a name because I have every intention of overdyeing it. It looks a lot like pink taffy or “if cotton candy was a grease stain”. If I named the yarn, “Candy Butter”, not only would I never want to knit it up, I doubt I could even give it away. 

I did look some for sock yarn. Weirdly enough even though nothing claims to be cabled, I found the sample of Regia Bamboo (I got it from The Loopy Ewe) was actually a 3×2 cable-plied yarn. The Regia Silk sample was a 4-ply yarn. So basically, the product exists, but no one thinks it is worth telling consumers what differentiates one yarn from another. I did not especially like the Regia in the samples. It would knit in a sock gauge of 10-11 sts/inch and they do not make knitting needles with enough 0000s for me to get that kind of gauge.

I am going to stop complaining about the buying of yarn. I will either buy it (and tell you about it) or not. 

I started an email conversation with [big name blogger] and I read through my half of the conversation. I would like to talk to that person, but you are not seeing her here.  For example, I was going to say that I was not bothered by purling, but I dislike the transition between knit and purl. I believe 1×1 rib is a punishment parents give to naughty children. 

I have named the project that is going to be knit with the “Source of Gilgamesh” yarn. I am calling it “Siduri”. There are still some details to be worked out…. like what I am actually going to knit. But the name puts it on my radar.

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