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February 14, 2009

What beats S.S.S? knit knit knit

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Finished the first Raspberry Friday sock. Cast on for second sock. I will not say I am immune to Second Sock Syndrome, but I do have a treatment plan in place.

That was when I discovered that Addi and Knitpicks and my needle gauge all have completely different ideas as to what each size means. Now. I love the super pointy KP tips with their long bevel.  It is exactly the opposite of what I liked as a beginning knitter, which is very close to the tips Addi has. (Why they make wood and bamboo with pointy tips and metal with blunt, I really cannot understand.) But the Addis are a full .5mm larger. KP sells a US #1.5 which is the same size as the Addi #1. And the KP people warn that they sell those for consistency with other brands. But it is no surprise I kept thinking I needed #0 or #00  needles if I cannot get the same gauge everyone else is getting when my needles are 25% fatter than everyone else’s.  It was not my fault!

I am going to go back to the Addi needles for the second sock after I finish the short-row toe, which I am slovenly knitting (my hands are freezing) to approximate the larger gauge. When this sock  is done, I am going to have several pair of Addi needles in need of new homes. #”1″s and #4s. Not that anyone reads this. 

I need needle storage now though. My current system looks like a shelf of purple spaghettini.



  1. I’d offer to buy the #1, but I already have two 24″ Addi #1 circs….

    Comment by skg046 — February 17, 2009 @ 9:32 pm

  2. No worries, but it would still be awesome if we could get together.

    Comment by UndyedYarnpire — February 18, 2009 @ 2:23 pm

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