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February 23, 2009

Weekend fiber updates.

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The story in which I am a complete idiot starts with a recalcitrant bobbin. Periodically I have some conglomeration of factors which mean the yarn does not uptake onto the bobbin. If, after checking the obvious, a few tries do not fix this, the best solution is to swap for a new bobbin and start over. Unfortunately making a cabled yarn with only 4 bobbins means there are points in a project when there are no other bobbins available. I tried taking the bobbin off, oiling the flyer contact points on the inner rim, and resetting everything back into place. Finally everything started to work, but there was a lot of frustration and I had to manually unply the first yard or so. 

Fast forward to the end of the bobbin, when I realize, far far far and way way way too late, that I have cable-plied in the same direction of the first plying round. I know when I started my attempts that I was going the correct way. I know because I thought about it and deliberately hand-rotated the wheel the correct way before actively treadling. Now I have hundreds of yards of yarn that wants to supercoil and no real way of fixing it. 


I also need to replace a screw that has been weird since I got my wheel. I have a backup plan if that does not cure the weird knocking noise— apparently other people (in general) have problems with screws working loose and there is a “super glue” to help that problem. I’m also going to see if they happen to have winged screws with a larger wingspan while I am at the hardware store. I have problems where on cold days, I cannot get the flyer to stay on when I am going full speed. On those cold days though, my fingers are weak and stiff. But that is exactly when I would prefer to spin than knit, so I will make a search for improved ergonomics. 


Photographs. I know no one cares about picture-less posts, so I will update the status. I can now upload old photos that I had on my computer already. This is of little interest to you, I know. I have not found the discs with the camera-decanting software. In theory, Picasa will talk to my camera. I might try that. If it works, I will post pictures of my new sock yarn and the February fiber club. 


I am planning to go to the Stitches marketplace on Friday. I am driving. If you know me and want to come along, email or call.

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