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February 27, 2009

Stitches West 2009, just the market

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I made it to Stitches West today. I was disappointed by some of the places I had liked last year but found several new places. I spent less money than I had allocated and was able to leave by 2pm which should have improved the drive home (but did not.) 

I know I have lots of things that I owe pictures of. Please wait. 

RedFish Dyeworks finally has a real website: http://redfishdyeworks.com/magento/index.php/ but this year their colorways were nothing special and with the same kind of premium pricing they had last year. That was the biggest disappointment. The people who had dyed my lapis lazuli fiber now have orange and pink and puke green colorways (yes, all together), just like everyone else. 

The Royal Hare had some wonderful superwash merino last year, in a really gorgeous brown colorway… this year it was all clown colors. 

I was surprised by how much I disliked the Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn. I had expected, when I saw it in person, to really love their various black-overdye colorways. But they were all too subtle for me. I might have liked it better if they had had some of the blue and purple ones, but all they had were pink and green variants. 

I stopped by the Mountain Colors booth because  every online store selling their stuff has a different picture for the same colorway and it is impossible to tell what it will really look like. I was told by the MC people that “everyone’s monitor is different”. I took that rather badly because my monitor is the same between websites I view and the pictures are still different.  I did find several colorways I like, but they don’t sell it there and the other places selling it do not have it arrayed similarly. One place just had boxes of it on the floor for people to dig through… which guarantees I would not want any of the yarn from that place no matter what. 

I meant to buy another skein of sock yarn but there were no deals.

Everything is so crowded, and remember I went on Friday, that it is hard to buy things most places. 

I came home with everything I paid for, and all of the items weigh what they say they do. But most places did not give me a receipt and that is scary/frustrating. 

Right now I am home, I have my feet up, and I still feel strung out and overwhelmed.

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