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March 28, 2009

hum along to the hold music….

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I am going to frog the March sock; the nameless March sock of flail has failed.

Also there will be very little content here for a while, possibly weeks. Hand problems, have appointment with doc, but it is just not right. No knitting. No spinning. Hoping it will improve on its own or can be fixed.

Also this was typed solely with the wrong hand. So… no content. Please wait.

March 21, 2009

Sock fatigue. Knitter’s block.

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Does anyone remember what I wanted to knit next? I have sock fatigue. 

I have printed: the Viking Bag, and the Woodland Shawl. But those do not entice.

I am rather afraid the shawl will be very repetive while being an extremely complex lacework. It is, essentially a really large scarf, right?

The bag feels like a chore though I did solve my construction issues, theoretically. Annotating here. I can, and have done, provisionally cast on, knit a rectangle, then pick up the sides as I knit around. That would give me zero seams and mean the bag has a flat bottom and the plain side panels. Then I thought I might add a line of purl stitches in that inverted-Y shape like the sides of grocery bags. I could add a magnetic clasp too. 

But I really want to make something for me. Something I would wear and love.

March 20, 2009

Alpaca+silk purse from a Wota’s Ear

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I realized that this month’s fiber club project represents a mis-match for me. I love the pattern, “Viking Bag”, because of the cables. From a construction standpoint, well, when I made bags a couple years ago, that was the shape I used and I created it on the fly— if anyone can be said to have “created” a flat rectangular bag. I also really like the fiber, which is undyed alpaca+silk in a sort of cafe au lait  or milk chocolate color.  But why on Earth would you make a bag from alpaca?

Obviously this is the time when really durable yarn would be best suited. If it were also inexpensive so various dimension expanding techniques could be experimented, that would be ideal. Thus my plan to use Knitpick’s Wool of the Andes. If you have a pattern that talks about knitting a bag in the round with gussets, please let me know. 

Now what I am wondering is what should the melts in your hand fiber become? I can choose pretty much any size yarn. I can get about 200 yards of worsted weight [4-4.5] yarn from 4 ounces. I get about 400 yards of [2.5] yarn from the same amount.  (Those are conservative estimates, but alpaca tends to be fussy.) So I can make almost any monochrome light accessory project. That opens up the choices too much. 

I have some black alpaca fiber, so there is a theoretical possibility of a contrast color, but make your suggestions assuming otherwise. And yes, this is a call for suggestions.

Yarn bone connected to the tummy bone.

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You know what we really need? We need a list of great food near LYSs. 

Like, everyone raves about Purlescence but I have never been because it is an hour from here and off in the “wilds” of SouthBay, which considers itself functionally disjoint from EastBay or SF.

If I am going to go that far away, it is going to be a “day trip” for me. That means there will be at least one meal and possibly two involved. I will need something more than just yarn shopping too. 

Someone on Ravelry asked for food recommendations near something non-fibery. As if there were not hundreds of websites with food recs and several of them having long threads about her destination. Knitters do not have common food interests, so it seemed an unlikely place to ask. 

But yarn stores tend to cluster in places which are either off the beaten path or impossible to park near, so getting there means being somewhere with few food options. 

Even my local yarn stores could use this, because they tend to be situated in boutique areas with very time-restricted parking. “If you park at a 2 hour meter, you will have time to eat at ____ or ____ and still have plenty of time to shop for yarn.” Or if they could list cafes that welcome knitters. “Buy your yarn from us and our [indy coffee house] promises not to hassle you while you try it out.”

March 18, 2009

Fiber club: melts in your hand

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Milk chocolate alpaca+silk (percentages unknown), 4oz.

From Fiber Club

March 17, 2009

It lives in Irr Tating.

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Let me see. Stuff going on:  

Fiber drama is getting better. Whenever there is drama, I tell myself, “Stop reading Ravelry fora. They just upset you.” 

I am currently bored with my kniting projects; I believe this is largely due to their un-named state. (I work on things that I have named.)  

I sent out a link to a bunch of fiber friends and realized normally I would just have put it here.  http://featherandfan.wordpress.com/2009/03/11/new-knitty-new-seaming-technique-new-books/  

I am feeling really bitter about that situation and have resolved not to email people blog contents anymore. Probably the email recipients will be grateful I am no longer cluttering their inboxes.

I finished spinning and washing a really nice (even!) Wensleydale sock yarn. Then while winding, I knocked the swift off the table and recreated the Flying Spaghetti Monster canon in my living room. It is not really rescue-able and I am somewhat crushed. 

I am about to turn the heel on the Schaeffer Heather sock yarn sock. Meaning at the halfway point, I have completed about 25% of my planned accomplishments. The sock texture does not look amazing unblocked. No idea whether it will look better after blocking. Maybe this just is not an attractive texture?

My non-fiber life is filled with errands, so there might be even less progress than usual. And what progress there is, it will remain unillustrated because the picture posting is really irritating.

March 13, 2009

Six Ways to Sunday

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I feel like I need a list here, so things might be random and jumbled, but there are lots of pictures, so you should all feel bribed to keep reading.

  • I washed my Wensleydale sock yarn today and it stayed fingering. Probably about 300 yards, or so.
    From Stitches 2009 Fiber
  • I flayed out a new hank of fiber, one of the Lisa Souza 50% merino + 50% silk. I was hugely surprised by the blinding whiteness in the core throughout. The Lisa Souza Wensleydale had been one of the better dye jobs I have seen recently (zero whiteness), but even the other merino+silk (which was dated from last September) has a pretty solid white core. I find it surprisingly attractive, which is odd since I normally despise white and pastels (except in undyed fiber), but I sent Lisa Souza an email (it included both my satisfaction with the Wensleydale and well-wishes since she’s been very public about her personal issues in addition to the caution about the merino+silk fiber.)
    From Stitches 2009 Fiber
  • I roped myself into participating more with the fiber club just because it makes me crazy to see it floundering.
  • I worked on one sock for an hour today, but feel like I am getting no where…. ribbing is stupid. It takes forever, it looks bad as a texture (in my opinion), and it is physically demanding.
  • And I have pictures of the February fiber club yarn.
    From Fiber Club
  • Finally, I am nearly ready to shelve all the sock projects and just knit something fun. Any suggestions?
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