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March 13, 2009

Six Ways to Sunday

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I feel like I need a list here, so things might be random and jumbled, but there are lots of pictures, so you should all feel bribed to keep reading.

  • I washed my Wensleydale sock yarn today and it stayed fingering. Probably about 300 yards, or so.
    From Stitches 2009 Fiber
  • I flayed out a new hank of fiber, one of the Lisa Souza 50% merino + 50% silk. I was hugely surprised by the blinding whiteness in the core throughout. The Lisa Souza Wensleydale had been one of the better dye jobs I have seen recently (zero whiteness), but even the other merino+silk (which was dated from last September) has a pretty solid white core. I find it surprisingly attractive, which is odd since I normally despise white and pastels (except in undyed fiber), but I sent Lisa Souza an email (it included both my satisfaction with the Wensleydale and well-wishes since she’s been very public about her personal issues in addition to the caution about the merino+silk fiber.)
    From Stitches 2009 Fiber
  • I roped myself into participating more with the fiber club just because it makes me crazy to see it floundering.
  • I worked on one sock for an hour today, but feel like I am getting no where…. ribbing is stupid. It takes forever, it looks bad as a texture (in my opinion), and it is physically demanding.
  • And I have pictures of the February fiber club yarn.
    From Fiber Club
  • Finally, I am nearly ready to shelve all the sock projects and just knit something fun. Any suggestions?

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