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March 17, 2009

It lives in Irr Tating.

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Let me see. Stuff going on:  

Fiber drama is getting better. Whenever there is drama, I tell myself, “Stop reading Ravelry fora. They just upset you.” 

I am currently bored with my kniting projects; I believe this is largely due to their un-named state. (I work on things that I have named.)  

I sent out a link to a bunch of fiber friends and realized normally I would just have put it here.  http://featherandfan.wordpress.com/2009/03/11/new-knitty-new-seaming-technique-new-books/  

I am feeling really bitter about that situation and have resolved not to email people blog contents anymore. Probably the email recipients will be grateful I am no longer cluttering their inboxes.

I finished spinning and washing a really nice (even!) Wensleydale sock yarn. Then while winding, I knocked the swift off the table and recreated the Flying Spaghetti Monster canon in my living room. It is not really rescue-able and I am somewhat crushed. 

I am about to turn the heel on the Schaeffer Heather sock yarn sock. Meaning at the halfway point, I have completed about 25% of my planned accomplishments. The sock texture does not look amazing unblocked. No idea whether it will look better after blocking. Maybe this just is not an attractive texture?

My non-fiber life is filled with errands, so there might be even less progress than usual. And what progress there is, it will remain unillustrated because the picture posting is really irritating.



  1. Hope I didn’t contribute much to your irritation.

    Why can’t the effects of the swift’s collapse be rescued? I hope the swift didn’t break…. I used to wind balls without swift or winder and painstakingly undo a whole skein’s worth of knots and awful things, but it usually took me a couple of sessions (bad back = can’t bend over the mess for too long). Now I have a winder, no swift, which helps (I use my knees, or D.’s clean feet while he reads lying on his stomach).

    Comment by skg — March 18, 2009 @ 12:18 pm

    • As per usual, the only ones who are actually trying are the ones who hear the complaint.

      Mostly I am speaking to other people who cannot be bothered to read my blog who will say “You don’t seem to be knitting much anymore and you never leave me any comments on my posts!” When I reply, “Well, I have been doing a lot of things, there are even pictures on my blog!” When this gets a blank look and a “You didn’t email me to tell me you’d updated!” I think I should stop chasing these people with fibery links.

      The people, like you, who are honestly trying– they hear the complaint and feel like it means “nothing will ever be enough”, when really the complaints are meant mostly for other people who are not in the established audience. I am sure it would be more useful if it was better targetted, but I will remember chiding myself with the acknowledgment that some people really are not interested in being a fiber friend and I should not impinge.

      Now. As for the swift. When it fell over, it tumbled a few times and the loops of skeined yarn were twisted and tangled. My efforts to detangle have made the problem significantly worse. I am at the point now where detangling the yarn is leaving it damaged and fuzzy because I have pulled it through too many tight loops.

      Thank you for the good wishes about the swift’s non-breakage, but since it is built from K’nex, it would be fixable regardless. I have used some of the fancier swifts out there, but the K’nex spins better than most of them (very low friction), it cost me nothing (but if you had to buy K’nex, not so much), and it does not need to be clamped to a surface. Since I rarely wind yarn, even though this has gone up ten-fold since I started spinning, it just does not seem worthwhile to drop $60 on something official. Currently I have some super-long skeins (loop-size 2+ yards) and I might borrow your “clean feet” method.

      Comment by UndyedYarnpire — March 18, 2009 @ 12:37 pm

  2. I was not very worried this time, but I also know (from feeling aggrieved myself) that sometimes nearby things fold into problems that they didn’t initiate.

    Ah–K’nex makes good sense. I think you mentioned it somewhere, but I’d forgotten…. Pity about the fuzzy bits, though. That must be frustrating.

    Comment by skg — March 19, 2009 @ 9:29 pm

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