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March 20, 2009

Alpaca+silk purse from a Wota’s Ear

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I realized that this month’s fiber club project represents a mis-match for me. I love the pattern, “Viking Bag”, because of the cables. From a construction standpoint, well, when I made bags a couple years ago, that was the shape I used and I created it on the fly— if anyone can be said to have “created” a flat rectangular bag. I also really like the fiber, which is undyed alpaca+silk in a sort of cafe au lait  or milk chocolate color.  But why on Earth would you make a bag from alpaca?

Obviously this is the time when really durable yarn would be best suited. If it were also inexpensive so various dimension expanding techniques could be experimented, that would be ideal. Thus my plan to use Knitpick’s Wool of the Andes. If you have a pattern that talks about knitting a bag in the round with gussets, please let me know. 

Now what I am wondering is what should the melts in your hand fiber become? I can choose pretty much any size yarn. I can get about 200 yards of worsted weight [4-4.5] yarn from 4 ounces. I get about 400 yards of [2.5] yarn from the same amount.  (Those are conservative estimates, but alpaca tends to be fussy.) So I can make almost any monochrome light accessory project. That opens up the choices too much. 

I have some black alpaca fiber, so there is a theoretical possibility of a contrast color, but make your suggestions assuming otherwise. And yes, this is a call for suggestions.


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