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April 12, 2009

Why does the caged bird?

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Hand status is somewhat improved. I no longer hurt and the persistent weakness has mostly gone. 

I am knitting again. Slowly. On fat needles. With tiny yarn.

I am making a cowl with the remnants (2-ply light fingering) of the Source of Gilgamesh handspun yarn. I am doing 7 repeats of a feather-and-fan in the round on size 8 needles. I have done about 18 rounds in a week. The actual knitting is going tolerably aside from the usual concern that there is not enough yarn.  

I am wavering on whether I should call the doctor again because I would like this to be sorted before Yarn School. I am very concerned that I will not enjoy Yarn School anyway, most of the people on the Rav forum are hugely enthusiastic. Not “enthusiastic” like adults who are about to do something fun, enthusiastic like teenagers. It makes me feel too old to be welcome. But it is past the deadline to cancel and I have personal reasons to travel that direction, so it is too late to change my mind. I am trying to find my positive attitude, and I suspect that a defective hand will make that even harder than usual. 

I am planning to take myself out tomorrow night, sort of as a trial run. It would be nice to stop feeling mewed up like a caged bird.


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