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April 24, 2009

Show me the knitting!

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I am being selfish again. Email arrived with baby photos. The child was under-dressed, although not to the point where I worry about the FBI. (Parents often have no sense of proportion and childfree people believe they are specifically targetted by the governmental agencies because the overwhelming majority thinks we are freaks. I try not to let it worry me, but there is no reason to risk federal prison either.)

I was thinking, “Why did you send me these pictures? It is not wearing the sweater I made it.” 

That was when I realized the problem. I have no interest in the child itself, it is all about what I did. The child’s mother spent a ridiculous amount of time growing that (totally not worth it, in my own opinion… next time try a macaroni collage or string art) and I cannot bring myself to care. 

But if that is how she feels about the sweater, she should have sent it back so I could give it to someone who might appreciate it.


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