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April 25, 2009

We have cashmere.

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I finished spinning the fiber club selection. That would be spinning the singles, plying, washing, drying, and photographing. Today is Saturday and the package arrived only 5 days ago. That was awesomely fast. 

I have about 175m of 2-ply [2.5] yarn. It is a bit thick for “fingering” which is what I was going toward, but it is very fluffy, so it probably will knit like a [2]. That is from 2 ounces.

From Fiber Club

(Click the thumbnail to be taken to the full size picture’s page.)

I nicknamed the fiber, “little thundercloud”, but the spun yarn has a lot better emphasis on the colors, which is all due to my skill and talent, of course. So I think I will rename the yarn to “April’s Little Rain Cloud”. The lace beret project is very likely going to get a name building off “silver lining”.


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