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May 2, 2009

Digging for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

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Lately I have been very distracted. Nothing is getting done because I work on something for a short time, then start a new thing. That was the standard knitting behavior which was largely cured by spinning. If I do not finish one spinning project before beginning the next, I will run out of bobbins. Being forced to focus whittled my knitting projects down to at most 2. I usually have a plainwork and a fancywork. 

My table though, it labors under the weight of scraps of paper with ideas, gauge calculations, caveats. There are balls of yarn for at least 4 things I have not started and 2 that I have (only one was frogged). This is in addition to my project bags. (I put all the supplies for the Nagini socks into a bag.) And in addition to the needs-to-be-frogged fancywork sock and the plainwork sock I worked on some yesterday. Sometimes I look through things and discover partially completed projects hiding in hidden cubbies. 

I blame fiber club. There was a project that is not magic link-able in Ravelry, so I was not really working on it, so I did not have to put anything else aside. Suddenly I had this explosion of potential projects right before I took 5 weeks off from fiber stuff after laming my hand. 

I need a coherent structure to my entertainment so things do not get lost or forgotten and especially not buried under the new and shiny ideas. Exhuming things always leaves them feeling tarnished and dull. 


That was a much longer introduction for my current spinning project than I wanted. I have predrafted and sequentialized my birthday fiber. There is about 4 ounces from 8 mini-braids. I set 2 of them aside because they were alien to the others. But from the 6 remaining braids, I have created a coherent airy roving. I was able to match up ends of roving so the colors did not change abruptly. Then I organized them in a progression of colorways from warm to cool. I am hoping to have a very long rainbow effect. 

Originally I had thought I should make my standard 2-ply yarn, but the fiber did not lend itself to vertical division. Then I thought I should Navajo ply. But now I am thinking I should ply this with a solid color single.  

The plan is to use this yarn for a Mobius. I know that will require twice as much yarn as my mental estimator expects. Also I know I prefer more subtlety for things near my face, so probably most people do. 

The question now is what base color fiber should I use? I have white (of course), dark brown, and oatmeal in BFL. I have white Wensleydale,  black Wensleydale, and black alpaca. I have a milk chocolate alpaca. The rainbow progression yarn single is, to put it bluntly, harsh. The dyer claims it is merino, but those merino sheep’s mamas were definitely getting it on with hedgehog-Romney cross rams. I know my spinning technique (remember I was going to Navajo ply, so the single is tighter than usual) exacerbated the unpleasant texture. I would like to mitigate that somewhat, but I feel that alpaca would be wasted on this.


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