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May 6, 2009

Loose knitting leaves room for imaginary monsters.

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I picked out one project to travel with for Yarn School. And I did it early enough that I could finish the cast on and the fussy starting bits.  Yay! I figure after a whole day in the dye lab and spinning, I might prefer a book. 

I am attempting a sort of basket texture in lieu of ribbing on the bottom hem of the sweater. We shall see if it works well. I do not like clingy things but I get tired of retrofitting hems.

Passing along a link to the snarkiest review of a knitting magazine since Maggie Righetti…http://samuraiknitter.blogspot.com/2009/04/vogue-knitting-springsummer-2009.html

I am almost done with the singles from my birthday box. But I will not have time to do anything else with it. Maybe I will be inspired at Yarn School and come up with the perfect solution. Probably not.


Yesterday someone mentioned in the Yarn School group on Ravelry that they provide soap and shampoo. It seems weird that a place telling you that you need shower shoes would have shampoo. 

But it was just another example of missing information. The descriptions and lack of pictures make it sound like a long weekend of gym class. The way they specifically encourage nursing mothers to attend but do not ask the student’s gender until after the student has paid— thus making it appear that men are unwelcome. There is no description of the food provide except “family style”, so I figured it was going to be like high school cafeteria food. They spent a lot of time reminding us this was a school building originally, so my impression was something they must have intended. 

I am having so much trouble being excited over this just because of the lack of professionalism. My concerns loom so ominously that I checked the current prices for early return flights should I decide to bail. 

I have never gotten along with other knitters in the local groups here (but they are all about the babies.  ewww!) so what was I thinking? I signed up for a $450 + airfare weekend while thinking it was going to be like gym class in high school. What was I thinking? 

It almost does not matter if the Yarn School weekend is fun, because there was no information, I have built up this horror movie scenario in my imagination and I doubt the experience will be able to overcome it. I should NEVER have signed up for this. 

Perhaps I can buy some optimism at the duty-free. Local stores are out of it, like hand sanitizer.


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