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May 15, 2009

environmental photos from yarn school.

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yarn school building

The captions are not visible unless you view the pictures on Picasa, so I am only including a link to the album. The cover photo is of the shower bathroom. Please note the lack of stalls and be aware that the outer door does not lock. Most of the pictures are taken with a flash or during the day, but as you might expect, I did not shower during the day, nor was I able to use my camera’s flash to illuminate my showering. It was absolutely ghastly and surprisingly worse than the pictures even show.

I have positive pictures from Yarn School, but since I took 700 pictures on the trip, there is going to be a delay while I sort out what goes where. If you know me and want to see pictures of my mother-in-law’s garden, drop a me note somewhere because I doubt those are going to be posted anywhere obvious.


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