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May 17, 2009

This week in Yarn.

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I am mostly over my ranting. There are still no pictures of the good stuff from the trip. Largely because the stuff is not here yet for retaking pictures.

I have a new skein of sock yarn, Mountain Colors Barefoot in “Winter Sky” . I bought that and a new knitting bag (Lantern Moon) at Yarn Barn. I knew when I saw it that I really wanted it. Which is what I have been waiting for as far as investing in bags goes. It was ludicrously priced, but I have never seen them in person before and I doubt they are ever cheap. 

I figured as long as I was nearby, I would look. But, I really needed a better map of Kansas because Lawrence and Topeka and Harveyville and the airport in Missouri are all just a smidge away on the map. I think it was rounding error, but these things are all about an hour apart. 

The box of wool I sent myself is not here yet, even though I mailed it on Monday the 11th. I did opt for cheap shipping, so it is not late yet, but I am getting antsy. I have lots of carded batts and several pounds of dyed roving. I took some preliminary photos at my MIL’s house, but they are weird pics that do not show the fiber off to its best angle. 

I have been knitting on the sole project I traveled with, my sweater from the “Moss in the Dark” handspun yarn. I spent some time thinking about how fast this is going. I get about 5sts/inch and about 7.5 rows/inch. I can do about 6 rounds in 2 hour-long shows minus commercials. Or about 1 round in the 15 minutes of The Daily Show before the guest comes to be interviewed (does anyone watch the interview part? it seems to be all authors of books I will never read) .  That comes out to being ~15 stitches per minute. When I was doing my gauge samples, I calculated the number of stitches needed for the torso, with these needles, I need 23,000 stitches. That is about 25.5 hours just for the torso. Also, it looks like I am going to run out of yarn, so either the sleeves will be including another yarn or this will be a short sleeve sweater. Still beautiful yarn for the project though, so it is fun to work on. 

I got the new Wendy Johnson sock book, Socks from the Toe Up from the library. It looks like the kind of book I want to own, mostly because there were  a lot of no-purl texture/motif options. Also, just from the reading through it looks well organized. But then again, that was what I thought of the Cat Bordhi book, which is completely unusable once you are past the demo socks where all the instructions are part of the pattern. Wendy Johnson wrote the generic toe-up feather-and-fan pattern which was the first real pair of socks I was able to make; so I think of WJ as the battering ram for my knitter’s sock block. 

I frogged the failed March sock while watching Criminal Minds last night. That was the Schaeffer yarn which had been so unbelievably ugly in the previous pattern. Hopefully a different pattern will solve the variegation issue, it is a tri-color sock yarn that looks like it wants to stripe and instead I got this mottled effect that was really butt-ugly. Plus the sock was too tight. The yarn knits to 8sts/inch, I have made several pair in that gauge, so I thought I knew what I was doing. But this yarn has almost no give to it. Possibly it should not be used as sock yarn, but I am going to try once more, this time with a lacier motif.


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