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May 19, 2009

Distractions and temptations, part I

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I am itching to start a new project. I have half a sock (from handspun, but the sock itself is plainwork), I have a sweater hem done (plainwork, handspun). I have a sliver of a cablework bag done. 

But I have this tempting ball of cloud-colored merino-cashmere handspun. I know it wants to be a lacework hat for me, probably a beret. 

I have a new skein of sock yarn,

From yarns

And I have that new sock book that I want to try out.

So it feels like there could be something more interesting to work on, yet less ridiculously complicated than the cabled bag. And yet… I would rather have one finished new pair of socks than two half-finished pairs. 

I know it is pathetic to suffer from “oooh! Shiny!” and never finish anything, but when stuff goes into the bins, it seems to tarnish. No matter how exciting that colorway is now when it taunts me from the table, it will not be enticing enough to call to me from the yarn bin hiding under the bed. No wonder people put pictures of everything they own in their Ravelry stash. It would be easier to visit via photos than manhandling all the bins I own looking for the right one. 

My box of fiber (the one I shipped) arrived yesterday. 

Also in yesterday’s mail was a door prize I won after I had bailed on Yarn School. I have no idea how they decided who won, other than the prizes which were being given out for worst first yarn and best handspun object. I had thought about staying because I wasted all that money being there; but everything else about the trip had been so horrible, it seemed unlikely I would win. I am now the proud owner of a 4oz Hello Yarn fiber braid in (as I was told) autumn colors. (There is no official colorway named on its tag, probably because Adrian of Hello Yarn was just having fun in dye lab when she did them.) I am hugely impressed by the transitions in Adrian’s work. There are not many dyers who can juxtapose orange and turquoise without getting muddy-like-a-trampled-circus. The dye goes all the way through.  I almost feel sorry for myself for liking Adrian’s work though, because you cannot buy it. It does not exist. She is so popular, it vanishes the instant it appears. I will leave it to you all to judge whether you think these are autumn colors though:

From yarn school fiber

I have not yet photographed the remainder of the box, but be assured there will be eye-candy for the near future. I am looking at all the new stuff I have and feeling the temptation.


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