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June 13, 2009

Rainbow Yarn Genesis

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I pushed forth and spun the rest of the birthday fiber.
I actually went and found the fiber I wanted to ply it with.
I did go and spin that plying fiber.

I lost the end when I was first spinning the plying fiber and the single broke, so I laboriously rewound it onto another bobbin after creating a pair of ends to pull from. Then I started another bobbin for the rest of the singles spinning. I lost the end again when the single broke, so I added the last half ounce onto the the other bobbin so I could finish the spinning and then search for the end.

I found the end of the main bobbin (~3oz) of plying single pretty easily. When plying I got all the way through to about the orange section before I ran out. I could not find the end of the extra bobbin for love or money. I spent an hour picking at it, combing it with a clean toothbrush, taking it outside and picking at it some more. There was NO END anywhere. I realized I had nearly felted some of the single, so I picked a loop and created new ends. These did not unroll. I picked another loop and split that. Would not unspool. I kept doing this over and over and over again. I have NO IDEA what happened, but I cannot, even after pulling off yard-long lengths that would cover several stadia’s markings, find the be-damned end that would actually allow me to unwind this bobbin onto a spare.

I am so frustrated. I would just cut it and spin more ply but I am 80% of the way through the plying and that is a hard place to stop.

The plied yarn itself is interesting. I really like the effect. The birthday fiber was 12 mini-braids of hand-dyed colorways, but the colorways tended to be cools+neutrals or warms+neutrals (with the occasional contrasting color) so I lined them up to create the longest possible stretches of the same colors. I will have hundreds of yards of yarn that progresses from purple through blue and green to tan to orange to reds. It is plied with an oatmeal natural wool so there will be a lot more of the resulting yarn, and also so the yarn is toned down some.

I really want to make a Mobius scarf from this. I think it will be phenomenal. But I also know that this yarn’s genesis has been so irksome that I would prefer if someone else had to do the actual knitting. Volunteers?


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