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June 20, 2009

The two-month birthday party is finally over.

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Finally! I finished spinning and plying the birthday fiber. I finally just left the remaining colored single on a “storage bobbin” because I cannot face doing more with it. There is about 5% left, so that is within the realm of consistency with other projects.

The plied yarn is actually about as awesome as I had imagined. Pictures forthcoming (but later).


The dyer who did my birthday fiber (which was a gift from SeedlessGrape) left a comment while I was at Yarn School (so it took me forever to pull it out of the mod queue) saying something about how I should share the end results. I am not sure how I feel about that because I was not satisfied, overall, with the fiber. It is extraordinarily impolite to complain about a gift and I do not mean to cast aspersions or imply ingratitude on my part, but the base fiber used was absolute crap. It claimed to be merino, but from the texture, you might think the source was a box labeled “S.O.S.”. The dye work, which I can now appreciate much more than before, was good. The dye went all the way through the mini-braids, there was no accidental whiteness, there was no bleeding of colors, there was no odd dye detritus incorporated. But it was not excellent because several of the mini-braids were somewhat felted. There is no excuse for that when so little massaging is needed to get good dye and rinse penetration.

The colorways were not appealing to me. Every one of them had some good and some really horrible colors. As an array of 12 mini-braids, I found it obvious that this would become a rainbow project, but even so, every blue-trending colorway does not need some chartreuse or khaki and every red-trending colorway does not need fuschia. There was no single braid that I would have been glad to see a whole 4-ounce braid of even though most of them were white-free. I cannot understand why high-contrast colorways are so popular, but this dyer certainly understands her market.

It was a nice gift, no question, I got to try fiber from a new dyer, my first order from an Etsy seller, and it shouted what it wanted to become. But I will not be ordering from them myself, even if the dyer manages to get out from under the auspices of Etsy, because bad colorways and crap fiber sold as “merino” caused me to be dissatisfied overall.


Since then I have been spinning batts from Yarn School. Assuredly these are easy spins, but I am having a lot of trouble seeing what makes people gung-ho on batts. I guess compared to the amount of pre-drafting I need to use the usual combed top (everyone must store it in Space Bags or something) there really is a time and effort savings. It makes me wonder why fiber processors are not making higher class combed top. I know a lot of people who would pay extra if it was nicer when they got their hands on it.


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