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July 16, 2009

My progress, and someone else’s rapid slide into evil.

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I have been knitting on my Leuca sweater. I joined my next ball of yarn tonight. I have 4 balls total and got about 8 inches of body from the first ball, so I am fairly well pleased with the potential sleeve length.

Yesterday I swatched with the Barefoot (by Mountain Colors) yarn. I am displeased so far with the swatch. On (real) size 1 needles, the fabric is too loose. I am getting about 7 stitches to the inch, possibly less. I am going to do some all garter stitch and see if it tightens up. Hopefully that will account for the difference between flat and in-the-round. My row-gauge is about 1.5X, so if I got it to 8 stitches per inch, it would be the sock-regular-average of 12 rows per inch.


Tonight I saw one of the most disgusting avatars on Ravelry. I was so offended that I not only hid the avatar, I opted to ignore the user. [Severely edited because this is not a place for my rantings.] It was a completely naked picture of someone’s baby.  I think it is beyond the line of good taste to use immodest images of other people to represent one’s self.

I worried about my cartoon-y avatar with the voodoo imagery. I chose it because it accurately resembles me using DPNs and the kind folks at vivavoodoo.com said it was eligible for use with credit. I did everything I could to credit them, though it often does not appear here, it is at least on my Rav profile.


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