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September 16, 2009

Snakes and Lichen and “Sunrise” and Motley Origami and Tuesday Morning

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Serpentine Sock progress is stalled at one repeat done on first sock. So, like 10% completed. It needs its own name to survive my inattention. (If you have forgotten this project, I am making the Wendy Johnson “Serpentine Socks” in a modified form to use Mountain Colors’ Barefoot yarn in “Winter Sky”. I am not sure why they call it Winter Sky since it looks more like a blue variant of Aurora Borealis. I am not sure why the socks are called “Serpentine” either. So whatever the project ends up being called, I doubt it will have anything to do with other people’s nomenclature. Hmm. I wonder if there is a project naming group on Ravelry. I would love something like that, but only if other people were more creative than me.)


Leuca Sweater could use for me to actually finish the sleeve, duplicate the sleeve, then work on attaching them so I can actually finish the yoke of the sweater.


I have not spun anything, including last month’s fiber club shipment. But I did take pictures before the next shipment arrived.


What has been taking up my time is knitting up slippers made from garter stitch squares which are then folded and seamed together to make motley boots. It is really interesting and it has been a while since I worked on something flat using fat yarn. It went really fast but used a really unreasonable amount of yarn.


Also today I was in a parking lot with a Tuesday Morning. I had only heard of it because it was mentioned in a local Rav group as sometimes having phenomenal deals on yarn. I do not care if they were selling gold for the price of silver and offering free delivery. The store had on extremely offensive religious propaganda music. I wandered through the store, but knew from the moment I heard the first lyrics that I would not be buying anything and would not ever go back. There is something really wrong when the majority religious group that already legislates its morality feels the need to proselytize. But regardless of how the individuals feel, I think it is inappropriate for a store owner to deliberately ostracize potential customers. It was more subtle than a sign saying, “Christians only!” but the effect is the same to anyone paying attention. No one recommending Tuesday Morning had mentioned any inkling that they are a prejudiced and evilmongering place, but that was my personal experience today. I do not care what kinds of bargains they have, it would have been immoral to patronize that store because it promotes hatred of people like me.



  1. I’m loving the color of the “Sunrise” silk. Never heard the music at our Tuesday Morning but it wouldn’t matter because they never had anything I wanted. We used to have a huge yarn store here that was like walking into a church. They wouldn’t carry the stitch and bitch books because they had offensive language. The shop had audio sermons at the door and the news letter was like a cult recruitment sheet.

    Comment by TwistedKnitster — September 19, 2009 @ 8:20 pm

    • I realized that my earlier comment about the fiber club shipment being orange-pink but “not like vomit” did not quite convey what I meant. That is a really tricky combination to get even close to tolerable, so I am impressed.

      Since you said you liked it, I will earmark that bag if I destash.

      I was really appalled by my experience at that Tuesday Morning. If I had visited the yarn store you describe, I would have left without buying anything. I would also click “disagree” on Ravelry whenever someone mentioned that store as being awesome. (I realize that is less useful because it is unclear what I am disagreeing with, but there is no sense in getting into a flame war. The kinds of people who think those kinds of yarn stores are awesome will take any criticism as trolling/flames/bitchiness.)

      I thought the Stitch and Bitch books were offensive because of the titles. (Then I read one from the library and was seriously more offended because only one person’s name was on the cover even though dozens of people’s work was included. You know they did not receive compensation.) There were two reasons I did not like the title. First because bitch is not a better word than other curse words but the same library owns a book called “F***ed Company” because publishers would not print the unbowdlerized word. I would like consistency in our societal tolerance of cursing. Second because people wanting to have knitting groups were encouraged to call them Stitch and Bitches which is inherently exclusionary toward decent people and men without doing a damned thing to discourage people from bringing their children.

      I have another post, which I am editing in another window, talking about whether a yarn store saying it is open 6 days a week should be crossed off the list if the closed day is Sunday.

      Comment by UndyedYarnpire — September 19, 2009 @ 8:45 pm

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