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September 26, 2009

Odd sense of humor and value

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This is a picture of my new woolly blanket. Notice how even it is, how smooth, and how sharp the patterning is… I would be really proud of myself but…

I just bought it from LLBean. The completed blanket is thin (and remember this is California, not Minnesota or Alaska, thin is preferable), machine washable and dry-able, and it cost less than buying enough superwash yarn on sale (even a clearance) would have cost. Plus it is already done. I might, someday, knit a blanket, but not at this point. Handwork should be reserved for things where fit or detailing or texture or colorwork or something is more important than sheer volume of effort.

But I do think it is hilarious that after years and years of being a knitter, seeing myself and other knitters drool over woolly blankets, I now have one. Mine’s purple.

One of my favorite, favorite jests was pulled on my mother years and years ago, long before I started knitting. She kept saying she wanted a really nice throw blanket for the sofa, but she wanted it big enough to cover two people. She would rant about how ridiculous the lap-size, cat-basket -size, crib-size “throws” were because they would not keep a marshmellow warm and how could they keep the chill off a full-grown man? I ordered her a queen-size fancy comforter (so it was reversible) and mailed a plain sticker where I had printed “THROW” in big letters. I said on the card that I was sorry but her gift did not come fully assembled and she should paste the sticker over the top of the mistaken label on the bag from the store. My mother was thoroughly offended and returned the blanket. But what is the difference between a 60-in by 60-in “throw” and a queen-size blanket? The difference is just in what the label says.

But that was how I got the idea that I should just buy a woolly blanket instead of haunting clearance sales on yarn. This story was recounted in an email to Jared Flood, who wrote back and complimented me on my sense of humor. And no I have no idea why I told a complete stranger the story about my mother’s throw blanket. It just goes to show that even famous people are human.


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