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October 2, 2009

Wp, fiberclub, Lambtown.

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Weird problems with posting. All these posts that I have written this week were still in the drafts folder even though they had been “published”. I apologize for the burst of posts. It looked okay from here, so I did not notice.

For my own information, I received the September fiber club shipment today, October 2, 2009. The last shipment is (it was a 10 month “year”) is this month’s. The fiber is 2oz of falkland and 2oz angora+merino (no percentages given) in a solid purple color. It came with the Simple Faroese Shawl pattern. I like that pattern. (Not enough to pay someone $6 for it when I can buy a whole book of patterns for $13 on sale. But enough to be glad that was one of the patterns sent.) Pictures later.  I have liked most of the fiber sent. A lot of it is specialty fiber that is difficult to order as an individual. At the same time, I doubt I am going to do it again. It was not fun. I felt pressured to finish before the next month arrived, and the Rav group was not a vibrant and supportive community. (Signing up for the Rav group got me spammed with invites to swap groups.)  It was like having a bookclub where the book is assigned, but no one shows up to discuss it. Pointless from a social perspective.

I am not going to Dixon Lambtown. I am irritated that they have no vendors listed and they do not know the difference between “schedule” and “calendar”. I understand this makes me elitist and prejudiced, but I really do not want to spend $10 going to something and have it be as confusing and disorganized as their online presence indicates they are. My stash is full anyway. Eventually I will make fiber-liking friends who chivvy me along, but probably by then I will have decided to take up the cello or hang-gliding instead.


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