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December 24, 2009

Status report.

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Let me see. I feel like I finished knitting all the holiday stuff. Some of it went over so well that I got requests when I brought show and tell to knitting group.

I have been spinning. I spun 8 oz of “Avalon” corriedale pencil roving from Crown Mountain Farms (bought during the recent sale, for $17.60 plus shipping). It is a bulky-weight yarn and I am very pleased. This is far nicer corriedale than I have ever seen before.

I spun the purple fiber club shipment, with the 2oz of Falkland and 2oz of merino+angora. I plied that one single of each. There was leftover Falkland, so I wrapped some of it from a sparkly batt sample a friend gave me. The rest was Navajo plied. I had spun the Falkland looking for ~sport-weight yarn. The merino+angora was spun for worsted-weight. Normally I do not have that large of a mismatch from equal weights of fiber. But honestly, I struggle to spin merino very thinly. Merino has such a shorter staple-length compared to my usual fibers and I revert to inching along. Inching gets me puffier fiber that does not want to be twisted tightly.

I spun 2oz of tri-color alpaca roving from Alpacas in Wildcat Hollow. The tag gives the names of the animals whose fleece was shorn to make this roving. More VM than I am accustomed to, but an easy spin. It was so easy of a spin that I forgot to stop at the halfway point. I am trying to decide if I want to ply with a wool, if I want to n-ply, or if I should wind off onto another bobbin.

I have a ball of yarn on my desk now. It claims it wants to be a giraffe. I think I have a plan for how to construct a giraffe, so we might see if the yarn knows itself well.

No progress on the Mobius rainbow scarf thing. My enthusiasm waned after I botched the cast on and the yarn tried to melt during frogging. I have some n-plied coordinating yarn for the cast on edge now.

Some sweater progress. I have the first sleeve almost to yoke depth. The sleeve is provisionally cast on at a “short sleeve” length, so there is likely to be a lot more work remaining even after the second sleeve is ready to go. But the micro sweater I made (I am making a second one also) was good practice for the sleeve attachment and how to arrange round-neck yoke decreases. I feel like I know what I am doing.

I found the half finished sock from last February. I should finish those.

I found the needs-to-be-frogged sock toe in Mountain Colors’ Barefoot yarn. It was going to be that Wendy Johnson “Serpentine Sock” but will probably get converted to no-purl “Monkey”s even though I do not particularly like that motif. It is close to what I want and the socks will never get finished if there is purling in the texture. I am not against purling in general, but it bothers me in sock patterns. I am a very loose knitter. I loosen up even more in the transition between knit and purl normally. I have to fight my natural tension when knitting socks, constantly reminding myself to tighten up, but I do not think I could get it tight enough to compensate for the purl transition. Obviously this is not a huge problem structurally when there are already yarn-overs, but it really disturbs my mental retensioning.

My legs are cold. Wish my legwarmers had been ahead of the gifts, but since I shipped last Friday I would have regretted putting myself first.

Shipping notice on my spindle from Tracy Eichheim came Tuesday night. Tracking says it will be here today. I am sure there will be pictures of some of these things, but not today. ETA: arrived today (Thursday) afternoon. There will definitely be pictures.

Also ETA: predrafting the overdyed fiber from my recent dye experiments. I am incredibly abusive to my fiber, I managed to partially felt SW!


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