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February 21, 2010

Still here.

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I am probably in my least creative phase of the year. Tax season. Every year looking through the forms makes me feel like I have been pounding my head against the desk.

Status report:

Stalled on cuff of first legwarmer. Found sketches of possible legwarmer designs in notebook now being used for tax math. Intend to make non-matching, significantly more awesome second legwarmer.

Started an all-garter scarf using stash yarn because, “Hey look, progress!”

Second black cowl stalled due to lack of yarn and no clue about what to do about it short of ordering another ball.  It might be long enough, but when I tried it on, it was unfortunate.

Second elephant still waiting for more spindled yarn. No spindling to report.


I read that the Stitches dinner Friday night is serving salmon because Catholics are forbidden meat on Fridays during Lent. Seems like they should have offered something less environmentally destructive than salmon. Plus I doubt other religions’ dietary restrictions are ever considered, so it seems unreasonable and unfair to enable Catholics unless there is some statistical anomaly saying most Stitches attendees are Catholic (in which case I would like to know so I can stay away from known sources of prejudice.)  Finally, if I were Catholic and attending a public dinner during Lent, I would have indicated a preference for the vegetarian meal already. So it seems to me, as a fish-hater, like everyone else is being penalized for a few people’s religious beliefs when those beliefs are already accommodated by the vegetarian option.


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