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February 23, 2010

pre-pictures post, with pre-Stitches update

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I am going to Stitches on Friday. I will be driving. I am going alone since there were no takers on the invitations I sent out.  However, should you wish to tag along or meet up, please do send an email (listed in the sidebar if you click through from the feed.)

I have finished my legwarmer except for the bind-off row. I have 3 more rows on the scarf. And the woman who wants the elephant just lit up when I told her I was working on it, so I expect there will be more progress.

The two cowls I sent out as holiday gifts were not well received. I have a hard time with gifts because I do not believe in exchanging money and hold myself remote from my husband’s family (with their enthusiastic participation) so often wish not to be involved in the gifting what-so-ever.

There will be pictures soon. [easter-egg sunday scarf, half-a-cowl, legwarmer A, elephant skin, repurposed sock-mittens]


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