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March 31, 2010


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I know it looks like I am taking a break from this. Appearances are somewhat deceiving. I find that blogging about spinning and knitting projects tends to feel enough like working on them that I get less done.

However, I have come up with a slightly better idea on what should be sacrificed. I am taking a break from Ravelry. No more forum reading. I will still go there and use their queue, favorite, and search facilities when I am looking for another project, but I am not going to spend my time regularly hanging out and watching fora fill up. Thankfully the Rav people have invented the “tell me I’ve got Rav mail” thing so I will not feel guilty for not checking to see if there are PMs.

The current statuses are:

  • No pictures yet, maybe today if the outside world dries up a bit.
  • First legwarmer finished, really happy with the result.
  • 5th round of 6-row Swallowtail repeat… so it looks just like the picture I posted only with about one more leaf depth.
  • Spun the camel+silk that came in last year’s fiber club from Susan’s Spinning Bunny.* The yarn resulting from that did not wash well, no felting, but it is very stiff, but it remains quite soft.
  • I also finished and washed one of the CMF BFLs. I could not tell you which colorway it is, but it is one of the blue/purple blends and it is an almost perfect snapshot of the very end of a sunset when the oranges have faded and there is just the purple twilight left. I am thrilled with the quality of triple-ply I have made.
  • There are bobbins of singles done from a Yarn School [hack, spit] batt.
  • Finally, I spindled and plied enough yarn to finish the second elephant which just needs ears and seaming and stuffing.

*That was a really good fiber club in terms of what fibers were received and the value, but it really was not a fun experience. It surprised me that most of the participants seemed to be newbie spinners because the variety of fibers was really spot on for intermediate spinners who need to step out of the BFL and merino boxes.

I sometimes regret not signing up for the CMF club because the people seem to be having a really good time. But whenever I see pictures of the club colorways, I have been quite glad I did not. Plus they tend to send out 2 months’ worth at a time, which would really annoy me since I was looking for a better regimen to my spinning projects. I would still have signed up if I could have, but that is the fault of Paypal. I really dislike Paypal. I hope they get some real competition soon.

March 21, 2010

lace turtles.

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This is the beginning of my version of Evelyn Clark’s “Swallowtail“. It is in “Georgia O’Keefe” colorway of Madelinetosh yarn given to me by SeedlessGrape. I like the yarn a lot. I also think it is perfect for this application. The results are beautiful in person. The picture is really mediocre, being a phonecam shot.

From tshawl

There is some disconnect about the name for this project. I love the idea of having a black lace shawl that I could give to someone who is newly bereaved. However, that would mean a single use for an item that will likely take me a person-year to finish. Plus most people wear black for formal and dressy events. So that would be a much better value for the time.

I think the first section’s medallions look like turtles. They also look like leaves. If I went with the funeralistic idea, I would call this “it’s turtles all the way down”. Because that is reminiscent both of the way grief pours out your soul and fills you up with pain until it runs over and drips down as tears. And also of the mythology that the Earth is flat and rests on the back of a turtle. When someone asks what the turtle rests on, the answer was, “It’s turtles all the way down.” Which suggests to me that even if your bedrock is shaky, there is something under it; and if under that is shaky, there is still more. So I am very attached to the name of the project, but I think the concept is ill-suited to the result I would prefer.

I would, perhaps, consider renaming based on something of O’Keefe’s art, but I have absolutely no clue why the M’Tosh people called it that. It is not reminiscent of O’Keefe’s work from my experience. I cannot think of a single instance where the majority of the work is black. To me, the colorway should have been “Early Spring, after the forest fire.” There are strong hints of earthy green in the black field. This and the leaf patterning of the stitch motif keeps me from naming it for a sky thing.

Perhaps this project will await its name after completion.

March 12, 2010

I am making a list, you should check it twice.

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  • Pictures are still owing. I hate posting pictures. I know pictures are what sells this. But there has to be an easier way than my dozen-step process.
  • I have new spinning. I should enpicture that too. I finished 8 ounces of CMF BFL. It is three-ply. It looks like twilight (but not Twilight) or a thunderstorm. I tried for different weights of singles. I had one bobbin that would make fingering, one that wavered between lace and fingering, and one that is sport or worsted.
  • I have started and frogged Evelyn Clark’s Swallowtail shawl. I am using the Madelinetosh sock that was given to me by a friend. It waited and taunted me because I needed a worthy project. I love the motif in the Swallowtail. It looks like little turtles. I am unkeen on the triangle shape for myself, but assuredly someone will want this. And I really want to make it.

    (I sent the friend that skein of SW BFL sock yarn from CMF that I had been so upset by. She moved and I called it a housewarming present. She likes itty bitty yarn, so I was not even giving bad gifts. Or so I thought.)

  • There was a request to publicize the Oakland Fiber Festival that Piedmont Yarn is putting on. It is being held June 27 (that is a Sunday) from 10am to 4pm at Splashpad Park. I was not able to find a website mentioning it, so no links, but it is a real thing. They are looking for vendors and artists and guilds to participate and asked that people call them. Posting is on the Bay Area Knitters and Bay Area Spinners groups on Ravelry.
  • Can someone personally recommend a spinning guild? Other than Spindles and Flyers? I went to one S&F meeting and it did not work out.
  • I am needing of a local (Oakland) source for bulk flours. Especially whole grain flour. Or somewhere that has larger quantities of oat and rye flour than the 1 pound plastic sacks from Bob’s Red Mill.

March 4, 2010

status of things has not really changed.

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I have been spinning. I am spinning CMF BFL. I had started it in December and it idled for a long time.

The Easter Egg Sunday Scarf is finished but I have not taken pictures yet. I need to bind off the legwarmer and show that off too.

I bought my first pattern at Stitches, “Reflection” by “champagne maker” (rav link) from Bijou Basin. I fully expect to be disappointed. I do not plan to use this as the sole metric of whether buying stand-alone patterns is ever worthwhile, but there will be a lot of ranting before I try again.

I took a half finished sock with me in my knitting bag for a while and I think it might eventually be done, but it really seems eternally unfinished. Plus this is just the first sock, so even when it is done, I will only be halfway.

Now I need a new project. Ideally I would like a knit flat type project instead of a circular knitting project. Lace would be nice. Hmm. Well, if you think of something, please comment.

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