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March 31, 2010


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I know it looks like I am taking a break from this. Appearances are somewhat deceiving. I find that blogging about spinning and knitting projects tends to feel enough like working on them that I get less done.

However, I have come up with a slightly better idea on what should be sacrificed. I am taking a break from Ravelry. No more forum reading. I will still go there and use their queue, favorite, and search facilities when I am looking for another project, but I am not going to spend my time regularly hanging out and watching fora fill up. Thankfully the Rav people have invented the “tell me I’ve got Rav mail” thing so I will not feel guilty for not checking to see if there are PMs.

The current statuses are:

  • No pictures yet, maybe today if the outside world dries up a bit.
  • First legwarmer finished, really happy with the result.
  • 5th round of 6-row Swallowtail repeat… so it looks just like the picture I posted only with about one more leaf depth.
  • Spun the camel+silk that came in last year’s fiber club from Susan’s Spinning Bunny.* The yarn resulting from that did not wash well, no felting, but it is very stiff, but it remains quite soft.
  • I also finished and washed one of the CMF BFLs. I could not tell you which colorway it is, but it is one of the blue/purple blends and it is an almost perfect snapshot of the very end of a sunset when the oranges have faded and there is just the purple twilight left. I am thrilled with the quality of triple-ply I have made.
  • There are bobbins of singles done from a Yarn School [hack, spit] batt.
  • Finally, I spindled and plied enough yarn to finish the second elephant which just needs ears and seaming and stuffing.

*That was a really good fiber club in terms of what fibers were received and the value, but it really was not a fun experience. It surprised me that most of the participants seemed to be newbie spinners because the variety of fibers was really spot on for intermediate spinners who need to step out of the BFL and merino boxes.

I sometimes regret not signing up for the CMF club because the people seem to be having a really good time. But whenever I see pictures of the club colorways, I have been quite glad I did not. Plus they tend to send out 2 months’ worth at a time, which would really annoy me since I was looking for a better regimen to my spinning projects. I would still have signed up if I could have, but that is the fault of Paypal. I really dislike Paypal. I hope they get some real competition soon.


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