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May 8, 2010

status of things

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Current spinning status is: my wheel is dusty— I have that merino tencel from last year’s fiber club still waiting. I am spinning it rather fine and that takes some concentrated blocks of time.

Current knitting projects: binding off Maragheh pillow (will need to create the right form to insert inside the completed pillow exterior). That is a Mother’s Day present though, so I am behind schedule. There will be pictures as soon as I have something I can show. Without stuffing, the lacework is not visible.

Currently sleeping projects: Mardi gras sock, Leuca sweater

Forecasted projects: GreenR wrap (knitting)– pattern not finalized; Alien Life Form looks at the night sky (spinning, then knitting… no idea what will be knit, but the fiber is chosen).


There has been a lot of stuff going on here but most of it has not been knitting or spinning related.  Though I did finish 2 scarves, and that elephant.

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