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June 27, 2010

Oakland Fiber Festival

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On the whole I found the Oakland Fiber Festival to be interesting. I saw everything at least twice. I was able to speak to the vendors and ask questions.

The “make and take” area did not seem to exist. They did have begin-to-knit lessons for $1 including supplies. The weaving demonstrations were not well situated because where weavers would need to stand was full of CD spindlers. There were some people who were doing interesting things as part of their booth. One really lovely woman showed me her sock knitting machine and allowed me to try it. Another woman showed me her cord weaving method using a foam disk. But there were no official demonstrations I was able to see.

I spoke to Yarn-A-Gogo who wrote How To Knit A Love Song, but it’s a trilogy out in trade paperback. $14 bucks per book. As much as I want to support people who write things which include my interests, and as much as I really wanted a signed copy, I find myself really put off by books which cost twice what a “normal” book costs and do not include the whole story.

There was a women’s guild there and they are looking for women who need scholarships to attend university or graduate school. They do a lot of community outreach and they have a bookclub and a knitting group. It sounds like they would be an interesting group to try.

Several times I ran into people I know from various places. Kira from KiraKDesigns flagged me down. She was wearing her new sleeveless sweater pattern with the adorable back diamond texture…. I love that sweater but I know it would look horrible on me. I kept wanting to hug her so I could get my hands on her sweater, but it was very hot (and that would be creepy).

I bought 2 merino/alpaca multicolored things ($2/oz) and 1 bag of undyed roving. So I spent under $40 total and had a good time seeing several new vendors.  (There will be pictures later.)

However, there were no chairs set up for people to sit and knit or sit and spindle. There was no shade provided unless you were in a vendor’s booth and they had an awning. No one was selling even bottled water. There was a whiteboard with a “map” suggesting which restaurants were open and that was nice. I gave my “I live near here” recommendations to several people.

There was a really awkwardly set up raffle in the Welcome Booth, and I had been through most of the show before I found it. There were several cul-de-sacs in the layout of booths and the vendor list did not have a map. Most vendors seem to be sharing booths. It was extremely awkward to tell when two people helping me with my questions were in competition with each other or collusion.

If I had had to drive an hour to get to the show I would have been wildly disappointed. Considering it is between me and some of my favorite local restaurants, I had a lovely time and I hope they do it again.

June 23, 2010

New projects

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There has been some recent knitting.

I find it extraordinarily difficult to bother adding projects to Ravelry when the pattern does not exist. I “just wing it” on many of my projects and no one cares. Or rather, no one notices because they do not get cross-linked anywhere. One has to be viewing my project page to even see them. There is no point in posting the project until it is completed enough to get its picture taken.

I am making a bias-knit scarf from yarn that started out as a fiber club selection with a completely unfortunate colorway— it looked like a urine sample– that I overdyed and spun into a really pleasant mottled green with bits of Fall Colors. This project is more than a little dull. I can understand why I stopped making scarves. I have it probably about a third of the way long enough and it has taught me all it is going to teach me.  The rest is just grinding it out.

The other project I am making is a Fair Isle hat. I was cleaning up my stash a bit and found a handful of WotA skeins in just the right kinds of colors to do a Fair Isle project. I bought the Starmore book last year but have not used it until now.


I will be at the Oakland Fiber Festival this Sunday, but just as a visitor. I am not volunteered for anything.

June 13, 2010

Happy new things

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It has been a good week. I finished that hat. I was really pleased with how it came out despite not having meant to do that. I had been looking for the standard hat shape, but when I went from the ribbing to the roll brim, it bloomed out. The end result was quite pleasant though. The recipient seemed pleased, but no idea if that was merely politeness.

The pictures of the finished pillow came out really well. I think the felted on “buttons” are adorable.

Yesterday I received a box with a belated birthday present. It had two skeins of excellent yarn, a bag in my favorite shape and a copy of Knit One, Haiku Two by  Maria Fire. Non-knitting family sent me locally-produced, hand-dyed, merino yarn. In my favorite kinds of colors. Normally non-knitters send complete crap, so I was really overjoyed. Normally my in-laws send me gifts which are in colors my husband prefers— like they didn’t bother to get to know me at all— so I am overjoyed.

June 8, 2010

Two finished projects

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I thought about posting these separately so I would have more content, but that is disingenuous. Neither of these knitting projects used handspun yarn. I do have an on-going project with that, but I keep frogging it, so no pictures yet.

First: I took pictures of the Maragheh pillow which has been completed for a while now. It used Jo Sharpe Silk Road Aran Tweed yarn, 2 skeins in “Tartan”.


Second: I started and finished a project in 3 weeks. Shockingly, I made a baby hat. NOT for me! No worries on that account. It made someone happy. And I have an actual friend who is having a baby, so I had already made the mental adjustment that making baby stuff is acceptable. This used about half or less of one skein of Schaefer Heather yarn in “Billie Holiday”.
Morning Glory Hat

morning glory hat

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