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June 23, 2010

New projects

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There has been some recent knitting.

I find it extraordinarily difficult to bother adding projects to Ravelry when the pattern does not exist. I “just wing it” on many of my projects and no one cares. Or rather, no one notices because they do not get cross-linked anywhere. One has to be viewing my project page to even see them. There is no point in posting the project until it is completed enough to get its picture taken.

I am making a bias-knit scarf from yarn that started out as a fiber club selection with a completely unfortunate colorway— it looked like a urine sample– that I overdyed and spun into a really pleasant mottled green with bits of Fall Colors. This project is more than a little dull. I can understand why I stopped making scarves. I have it probably about a third of the way long enough and it has taught me all it is going to teach me.  The rest is just grinding it out.

The other project I am making is a Fair Isle hat. I was cleaning up my stash a bit and found a handful of WotA skeins in just the right kinds of colors to do a Fair Isle project. I bought the Starmore book last year but have not used it until now.


I will be at the Oakland Fiber Festival this Sunday, but just as a visitor. I am not volunteered for anything.


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