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July 12, 2010

It feels like progress, but there is nothing to show.

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Let us see where things stand. I am currently working on a lacy bias-knit scarf. Still.

I am doing a Fair Isle hat project in KnitPicks WotA based off a design in the Starmore book on Fair Isle knitting.

I have chosen my next project (Askew from Knitty) to go with the birthday yarn.

Friday I made myself some new stitch markers. I was at Michael’s desperately searching for food coloring and got some new beading wire while I was there. It spoke to me and I knew I needed it.

The past week or so has had almost all the creative effort devoted to baking. I needed an impressive but casual desert for 25 people at a World Cup party. So this was my first time baking rolled cookies (I am an adept baker, but sugar cookies are boring and often chalky or pasty. It just never came up.) and first time doing piped decorating. On the whole it came out tolerable in appearance, but the flavor was phenomenal.

Yesterday I looked at my neglected wheel and wound the tenth of a bobbin of merino/tencel onto a “storage bobbin”. I have not spun in a long time because I have zero interest in working on that project. I pulled out some Lisa Souza dye sop (she calls them “Wild Things”) Wensleydale and have it pre-drafted to be three-ply.

I owe pictures from the Oakland Fiber and Textile Festival purchases. And I would love to share pictures of my new stitch markers, but they got kind of lost when baking took over my life. Not permanently, but the box of things removed from the table will need to have its contents  exhumed so I can find them.

Personally I have also picked up another interest which is a massive time sink. I had rather assumed it would come out of the chore time allocations but it seems to come out of knitting time. I joined a gym and have gone down two sizes in 3 months. (Which should dramatically speed up the knitting for that forthcoming sweater!) But losing 4 hours per week of leisure time has really hurt my productivity that I can share here.


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