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September 28, 2010

Bias Knit Simple Lace Scarf, Finished

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This has been a long project. It started with some really ugly superwash BFL fiber that came from Susan’s Spinning Bunny’s fiber club, “Fondle This!”

From Fiber Club

I over-dyed it myself to create this fiber:

From fiber dye

Then I spun and plied the fiber to create some mediocre yarn:

From fiber dye
From Fiber Club

Originally I was going to do something complex and stunning with this, but decided to keep it simple so I would have a hope of finishing it and it still took 6 full months.

From bias scarf

The Rav project notes:
Using a handspun yarn, overdyed in the wool from the 2009 Susan’s Spinning Bunny fiber club shipment of Superwash BFL which was originally a citrus type colorway. Revised colorway name is “Sherwood Forest”.

Cast on was one stitch. Easiest cast-on ever.

Did the first triangle in garter stitch, then continued in stockinette base. Edge is 1 stitch knit on outside, then yo. Lace rows are yo, k2tog. Double decrease is k3tog. WS rows (purl side) are k1, p, k1.

Finished the knitting part. Ending triangle has decrease in beginning of RS row. k1, yo, k2tog…. k3tog, yo, k… and that was not a rapid enough decrease, so an additional decrease was added on the WS.

Edging is an offset double-row of crochet chain loops.


September 22, 2010

Alpaca blends

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Double Diamond Alpacas
merino-alpaca 4oz “Twilight”
merino-alpaca 4oz “Desert”

From fiber 2

September 21, 2010

Undyed Fiber

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CMF Alpaca-Silk 70/30 4oz, silver undyed

From fiber 2

Ranch of the Oaks (blend of fibers) 5 oz, undyed

From fiber 2

September 20, 2010

fiber: corriedale pencil roving

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new corriedale pencil roving in “Magic Carpet”
2 8oz bumps

From fiber 2

September 19, 2010

Queue updates

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I have a sleeveless sweater thing I am planning to make for myself (Askew). I have a cowl thing I am making as a gift (Darkside Cowl). And I have a scarf I am making as a gift (no pattern, needs a new design). Only one of these projects where the yarn is out on my table was actually in the queue. So I fixed that up a bit.

The scarf has about 2 ounces of handpainted dyed-in-the-wool 3-ply handspun yarn in pink and turquoise. There is about 2 ounces of Navajo plied yarn in the same fiber. I have 8 ounces of a matching turquoise kettle-dye handspun in a similar weight. These yarns are about aran-weight. Something between worsted and bulky in my opinion. What I was thinking of from a design perspective is casting-on long-wise doing turquoise, then multi-color, then the Navajo ply, then multi-color, then turquoise. However the length-wise scarves are a real bear to cast-on and off sufficiently loosely. And in order to get a solid division between the colors, it is best to cast off at each color change, then pick up using the new color. That is way too much work. I do not want to just do blocks of colors. So I am investigating new construction techniques. Suggestions are welcome.

September 15, 2010

yarn: Dark water puddle

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Lisa Souza
BFL in “Wild Things” (dye sop)
4oz 3ply worsted

From handspun 2

September 14, 2010

yarn: Nasturtiums not roses

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Hello Yarn
corriedale in “In Bloom”
4oz 2ply super-bulky

From handspun 2
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