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September 19, 2010

Queue updates

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I have a sleeveless sweater thing I am planning to make for myself (Askew). I have a cowl thing I am making as a gift (Darkside Cowl). And I have a scarf I am making as a gift (no pattern, needs a new design). Only one of these projects where the yarn is out on my table was actually in the queue. So I fixed that up a bit.

The scarf has about 2 ounces of handpainted dyed-in-the-wool 3-ply handspun yarn in pink and turquoise. There is about 2 ounces of Navajo plied yarn in the same fiber. I have 8 ounces of a matching turquoise kettle-dye handspun in a similar weight. These yarns are about aran-weight. Something between worsted and bulky in my opinion. What I was thinking of from a design perspective is casting-on long-wise doing turquoise, then multi-color, then the Navajo ply, then multi-color, then turquoise. However the length-wise scarves are a real bear to cast-on and off sufficiently loosely. And in order to get a solid division between the colors, it is best to cast off at each color change, then pick up using the new color. That is way too much work. I do not want to just do blocks of colors. So I am investigating new construction techniques. Suggestions are welcome.


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