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October 13, 2010

Kitchen Stuff!

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Hotpads from Icelandic and Wensleydale wools

From kitchen

Teapot cozy from Icelandic and Wensleydale wools

From kitchen

The two hotpads and the cozy are going to be felted. Possibly the cozy will be steeked depending on which way it shrinks. Very pleased with how these came out.

October 10, 2010

Brighter outlook is more productive.

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Knitting group has improved somewhat. There are days when I see that I do some good. And days when I can see that I really have learned something despite not being even a mediocre teacher. (Teachers learn as much from their students as the students learn from them.) I can regauge a pattern on-the-fly now. I can look at a previous project, estimate whether the knitter is loose or tight, and give a pretty good guess as to the gauge; it is good enough for a seamed hat, which is astonishing without a ruler.

My biggest problem with the group is how stressful it is and how uninspiring I find it. I never want to knit anything when I come home. That feeling lasts until at least Thursday morning of the following week. I get so little knitting done that I am seriously considering buying a loom just to consume vast quantities of yarn. But there have been so many sticking points to this loom buying that I have started to realize I should fix my attitude before spending a lot of money.

I stopped what I was doing and sat down to knit this week. It was fun again. I had forgotten the feeling of success and accomplishment from seeing something take shape out of almost nothing. Even without a finished object, I can see the progress. I think, however, that there might be a moritorium on projects for other people until I finish some things for me. I am feeling underappreciated and unloved.

I am halfway done with my Darkside Cowl, which I am making out of that blue SW BFL from Royale Hare (if you want to look for it, I called the post with the picture “Lady Spins The Bluesand if I am ambitious I might go look for the link myself.)

I knit myself two hotpads. I used a combination of Icelandic and Wensleydale, both of which came from the Spunky Eclectic fiber club years ago. I held both yarns together and knit large stockinette squares. I plan to felt them.

From fiber From handspun
From fiber From handspun

I am using the remaining Wensleydale, held double, and I am making myself a teapot cozy. It has a few stripes of the Icelandic.

And yes, I will take pictures of these things at some point.

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