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November 19, 2010

Not going to the Blue Hawaii.

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Askew: “Blue Hawaii”
It took 15 days to finish the sweater. Not including the pictures and not including the final strap attachment and ends weaving. The sweater fits as expected, clingy but not corset-like. However, the sweater is really unappealing. Given the wireframe diagram on Knitty, I seamed it as expected. The back and the front are both supposed to be 11.5 inches (not including the strap) so I pinned and seamed to match those pieces. Other knitters have said they knit this sweater completely in-the-round, so this interpretation seems valid. However, it gives a sweater with a back that rides up my shoulder blades and a front that is beyond indiscreet to the point of wardrobe malfunction. It is too high in the back and too low in the front.

I like the bias-knit v-neck idea. I really think that is clever. But there is just no way to get an appropriate fit on my body using this pattern. I could completely rework the pattern and add side panels and change the back to a scoop neck and adjust the bottom hem in the front so less of my midriff is bared, but at that point I have scrapped this project and started anew and should stop giving credit to this pattern.

I have no idea whether there are people for whom this sweater would be attractive as the pattern is written, but short-waisted, large-busted women with real shoulder muscles are certainly not the target body type.

Usually I tell people there is no point in using a sweater pattern because I will have to do all my own math anyway. That was certainly true in this case because I had substituted a yarn and wanted a size in between the sizes given. But my measurements and gauge were completely on target to give a sweater with a tiny bit of negative ease. (The L has 4 inches of negative ease, the 2X has zero ease, in the original pattern.)

There will be pictures later because I want to prove that I really finished this before I frog it.

I have sketches for a revamped option, taking advantage of the texture motif to do neckline shaping really interests me. I also do not believe that constructing a sweater body should divide the body into equal quadrants and if I can talk about that cogently, I believe that discussion would benefit other knitters.

ps. The title for this post is not “Body Scan Ruins Blue Hawaii”, but I would like it to be.


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