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November 23, 2010

Status report

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Hmm. Where was I?

The sweater pictures are still owing.

I finished the scarf I was making from the HelloYarn corriedale fiber. It came out decently well considering I was attempting to spin enormous fluffy yarn and ended up needing to add 2 #7 dpns to each #15 needle in order to have something large enough. (I added with cellophane tape. I kept seeing ads for square or hexagonal needles and this was more awkward at the pointed tip end, but otherwise sufficient. Easier than going out to the store and spending $20 on a pair of needles I will only use for one project.) The scarf is blocking now, so hopefully I can take pictures of both things at once.

I got a request from my husband for a pair of Tardis socks (rav link). They are standard socks using a chart for the top. My dear husband was shocked that I would need to purchase yarn. Because everyone has solid-color Tardis-blue hard-wearing sock yarn in their stash?

I asked around for recommendations on really excellent sock yarn and I am very unconvinced that most yarn manufacturers have any clue what the “sock” designation should mean. I have seen 2-ply 100% non-superwash merino on offer as “sock” yarn. That is only sock yarn if you need to make socks for someone who cannot walk.

I have been working on the finishing details for my teapot cozy. I found a teapot that suits it and it is now becoming a holiday gift. That means all the edging needs to be neatened up and those steeks reinforced, but it essentially looks the same as it did before.


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