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December 3, 2010

Three projects. New, Done, redoing the WIP

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I settled on buying the Stroll Sport yarn from Knitpicks for the Tardis socks. The yarn arrived today. I ordered Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving). That has got to be some of the fastest shipping I’ve ever experienced with KP. Normally it takes the full 10 working days for my order to arrive after the shipping notification, which is usually at least 3 working days after the order is placed.

I decided on this because I liked the idea of thicker yarn, the same colorway (though a different yarn) was named in the pattern, so I did not need to guess whether that was the right blue, and the price is low enough that if I have to replace it with something else, I have wasted less money.


I finished a scarf knitted from handspun which was dyed by HelloYarn which I got from *hack, spit* Yarn School. I gave it away to the intended recipient who asked me when I was going to get a real job.

*shakes head*

I consider myself socially inept, but I certainly do better than that.


The “halfaquin” sweater from two years ago has been frogged. I am so much smaller now and the sweater had issues subsequent to my washing it that frogging was the better choice. I am remaking it now. I have half of one quadrant done.


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