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December 27, 2010

Projects Status

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Progress on the Phantom Phonebooth (Tardis pattern) socks proceeds. I have 2.25 inches completed from the toe. It is about 2.5 rounds per centimeter and it takes me about half an hour to do that. After which I want to do something else. Two-at-a-time on two-circs is a lot of shuffling things around. But the socks match and there will not be that point where I feel “done” but am only halfway because there is still another entire sock to go. No pictures yet because it looks like a pair of small blue pockets.

My revamping of the halfaquin sweatervest is stalled while I work on the socks. I can see it in my mind’s eye but actually doing the work is much more laborious than anticipated.

These are my only active projects taking up space in my brain because the loom shipped today!

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