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March 13, 2011

still standing still

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I am finally looking at my loom and not thinking, “Dread. Dread. Dread.” Not that there has been any actual progress. I am starting to think weaving just is not for me. The prices went up on the loom I bought, so I probably can sell without a huge penalty.

Twice this week I looked at the bin that has my frogged “Halfaquin” vest in it and thinking, “I could work on that!” I did not work on the socks either.

I did leave the knitting group where I was teaching. There were a lot of reasons for it, especially the specific timing, but mostly I was burned out to the point that I never wanted to knit anymore. Luckily most everyone seemed fairly accepting.

However, this does mean I will have to actively seek out another group so I do not stagnate creatively. There really should be a group in Oakland! Maybe we should meet on Sunday afternoon at Splashpad Park? We’d have to all bring our own beverages and treats and chairs, but there is nearby parking. That is where the Oakland Fiber Festival is held (July 10 2011)… so then it would seem like everyone else was coming to join us. Maybe next weekend I will go and sit on the wall and see if anyone else comes. Well, not if it rains.


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