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April 3, 2011

fiber and life status

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I have started a new, simple project. I want to make a cowl where the end can be tucked through, like a keyhole scarf, so one does not need buttons at one’s neck.

I still have the Phantom Phonebooth (Tardis) socks out.

Eventually I will sew up the first woven scarf into the bag, as intended. There will not be more weaving progress for a while because I put the loom (warped, and I hope it did not get horribly tangled) back in its box. I was going to sell it, but now that the Emilia looms cost $269 for the 13″, it would be a final decision on weaving. I am incredibly grateful that I did buy a small folding loom though so I could put it back in the box.

Everything has been put away. We had a water leak and the repairs are going to require redoing the entire floor in one room, which means finding space in the rest of my apartment for nearly half of my stuff. There simply is not room for a choice in projects, especially since I will be busy washing and cleaning things to prevent mold growth.

There might, and quite possibly will, be radio silence here merely due to that. But I will attempt to post when there are new ideas, and I have actually been much more fiber crafty in the past month than in the past year. I realized the last time I spun was a year ago before my MIL visited. I knew the volunteer gig was draining my creativity, but had not realized the only knitting I had been doing was fixing other people’s mistakes. How can I pass on the joy of knitting when I never want to even hold my yarn when I get home?

I had more surgery at the end of March and it went better than December’s, but my husband got some bad health news recently, so we are still reeling a bit and resentful of the double-crisis with the water. I have actually been knitting and I have all these ideas now, so as contrary as it seems, I hope to have more content, not less.

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