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April 1, 2012

sock dyeing

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I dyed socks in January. I was really impressed with myself.
sock 2 sock 2 sock 2 sock 2 sock 2, sock 1

I dyed socks again today. I am not as impressed, but not because of the dye job… I melted a sock during the heat set. I am still a-goggle about it.

The procedure I used for the first pair in January was to lay out plastic wrap and use ridiculously strong Kool-Aid powdered mix (in about 1 cup of hot water) and pour on stripes. I added some food coloring to get green and was quite happy with the way this came out. You can, however, clearly see the fold line and although the dye made it all the way through, the second side is weaker than the first. These were somewhat blotted, had a second layer of plastic put over top and microwaved.

The second pair I did had purple and teal mottled all over and was just tossed in the slow cooker.

Today I did one slow cooker pair and a handpaint pair and a stripe-pour pair on three different sock bases.

I suppose I should talk about the sock bases. I bought finished machine-made commercial socks from Sock Dreams. (I really like their products and their service. That is a recommendation.) Originally I bought 2 pair of “O Woollies” for the January batch. This batch was one pair of the “O Woollies”, one pair of “nylon trouser socks” and one pair of Bella silk+nylon socks with a mild texture.

Today I microwaved the two thinner pair and the all nylon ones melted a hole right at the center of the dish. If I had cooked them less, had flipped the packet, or added water underneath… any of that might have saved the sock. I want to find something else to do with it, because who does not need a polka dotted nylon tube?

There will be pictures soon. I want them to dry first. There will also be after washing pictures of the handspun yarn.

January 2, 2011

pink zin

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I finished the first weaving. I am disappointed in the resulting fabric if it is considered a scarf, because it is harsh. The scarf is woven from hand dyed Knitpicks “Stroll” warp and handspun 2-ply corriedale dyed by Spunky Eclectic. (project page) The current plan is to make this into a bag.

These pictures are really mediocre because it is dark and I am too lazy to find a real camera.

woven scarf woven scarf woven scarf fringe

Since this was my first project on my Emilia loom, I should probably talk about that, but I think that should be a separate post.

September 28, 2010

Bias Knit Simple Lace Scarf, Finished

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This has been a long project. It started with some really ugly superwash BFL fiber that came from Susan’s Spinning Bunny’s fiber club, “Fondle This!”

From Fiber Club

I over-dyed it myself to create this fiber:

From fiber dye

Then I spun and plied the fiber to create some mediocre yarn:

From fiber dye
From Fiber Club

Originally I was going to do something complex and stunning with this, but decided to keep it simple so I would have a hope of finishing it and it still took 6 full months.

From bias scarf

The Rav project notes:
Using a handspun yarn, overdyed in the wool from the 2009 Susan’s Spinning Bunny fiber club shipment of Superwash BFL which was originally a citrus type colorway. Revised colorway name is “Sherwood Forest”.

Cast on was one stitch. Easiest cast-on ever.

Did the first triangle in garter stitch, then continued in stockinette base. Edge is 1 stitch knit on outside, then yo. Lace rows are yo, k2tog. Double decrease is k3tog. WS rows (purl side) are k1, p, k1.

Finished the knitting part. Ending triangle has decrease in beginning of RS row. k1, yo, k2tog…. k3tog, yo, k… and that was not a rapid enough decrease, so an additional decrease was added on the WS.

Edging is an offset double-row of crochet chain loops.

October 24, 2009

Fiber Dyeing, accomplished!

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Yesterday I made this:

I started with this: And ended up with this:
From Fiber Club
May 2009
From fiber dye

I changed it from “citrus” to what I think of as “almost fall foliage”. The only disappointing thing about this is that it is very green and I am not so fond of green. This was done with a packet of cherry Kool-Aid and food coloring dripper bottles. Cooked in a crock pot for about 25-30 minutes on high, at that point the dye bath was clear.

[As usual, click the pictures to go to the bigger version in the Picasa album.]

March 2, 2009

Socks Hopping

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On the plus side, I am no longer a photo slacker. I have tolerable pictures of everything I bought. I posted the photos of my completed socks. I even avoided making the joke about being caught flat-footed. If you want to see more of the completed Raspberry Friday Socks, the thumbnail here links to the full-size image in the album. Or you can look at the previous post.



Today’s project was to pick the new sock yarn and choose a pattern. I know I want to make the “Naginirav_link” socks from the Knitpicks “Essential” yarn. Unfortunately,  I knew right away which yarn I wanted to use next— because I am suckered in by the shiny just like everyone else. But hey, I bought that Schaefer Heather yarn for a reason.


So I did some looking to see if I was attracted to anything particularly. The new yarn is a bit stiff and holds stitch definition well, but I am easily dissuaded by complicated projects. I even spent some time reading the textures/motifs book I borrowed from the library. Nothing seems perfect. I did a swatch in the quilted lattice stitch and would pull out all my hair if I had to do it for a whole sock. (I have the perfect 8sts/inch gauge though.)

Before 90 people jump in and recommend “Monkeyrav_link“, I really dislike that pattern. The alternate versions are somewhat better, “No Purl Monkeysrav_link“, “Staggering Monkeysrav_link“, and “Los Monos Locosrav_link“. But it starts to look like work… like I would be creating my own texture because I would prefer no yarn-overs, I know it will go faster without purling, and I want to go toe-up, and I prefer the ovals to the inverted-Y shapes.

I have come to no conclusions tonight.

Today also had the over-dyeing of the January fiber club yarn. The color is vastly improved from the sickeningly bismuth pink color. Pictures are waiting on the yarn to dry.

Pictures of Stitches West purchases later this week.

April 27, 2008

yarn and fiber (week googolplex)

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I finished spinning and plying the first 8-ounce pack from CMF. I started with my least favorite color out of the ones I bought and it came out amazing. I am including a photo that shows the yarn and the fiber, obviously that is from earlier. Today’s photos ranged from over-exposed to under-exposed, so I picked the one where the spinning and plying looked the best.

last week . . . . . . . . .  this week

yarn yarn

I almost went to the Color thing in Berkeley over the weekend. I had no good reason for not going. I did not believe them when they said there was free parking on campus. Nor did I believe them when they said it was walking distance from the BART station. But I could have found a solution. I even had food ideas for the area. Some of what kept me from going was the hassle of bringing my wheel anywhere, but I do not own a real drop spindle. That meant I was not going to participate in any of the classes. There were four vendors listed and I have seen two of them without being impressed with the quality::price ratio. I would have pushed myself if the Royal Hare people were going to be there.

And I have useful guidance for other people about pre-drafting. The first is that there are tools for fiber handling, but if you are starting from combed top, they do not really add anything. The second is after laboriously spreading and pulling fiber into snakes of barely defined air, do not wind them into balls. There is no way to use the ball of fiber. One might coil the fiber. Or one might accordion fold the fiber. But unlike balls of yarn used while knitting, a ball of fiber does not do anything but pull apart when the outer end is pulled. Pulling from the center of the ball gives tufts of fiber akin to pulling Kleenexes from the box.


I need a scale to estimate how much fiber this is. The pre-drafted fiber is enormous. Here is about half of the fiber. I have a second tub that looks just like this.


April 20, 2008

roving eye dye

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My dye project from last week, which was supposed to be tri-color: gray, blue-green, blue-purple has not turned out so closely to what I envisioned. However since I like pastels and the variegation on this is pleasant and there is no felting, I am rather pleased. This is BFL from Spunky Eclectic, but if I am going to dye this amount of fiber regularly, I need a bulk source.

dyed fiber

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