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September 28, 2010

Bias Knit Simple Lace Scarf, Finished

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This has been a long project. It started with some really ugly superwash BFL fiber that came from Susan’s Spinning Bunny’s fiber club, “Fondle This!”

From Fiber Club

I over-dyed it myself to create this fiber:

From fiber dye

Then I spun and plied the fiber to create some mediocre yarn:

From fiber dye
From Fiber Club

Originally I was going to do something complex and stunning with this, but decided to keep it simple so I would have a hope of finishing it and it still took 6 full months.

From bias scarf

The Rav project notes:
Using a handspun yarn, overdyed in the wool from the 2009 Susan’s Spinning Bunny fiber club shipment of Superwash BFL which was originally a citrus type colorway. Revised colorway name is “Sherwood Forest”.

Cast on was one stitch. Easiest cast-on ever.

Did the first triangle in garter stitch, then continued in stockinette base. Edge is 1 stitch knit on outside, then yo. Lace rows are yo, k2tog. Double decrease is k3tog. WS rows (purl side) are k1, p, k1.

Finished the knitting part. Ending triangle has decrease in beginning of RS row. k1, yo, k2tog…. k3tog, yo, k… and that was not a rapid enough decrease, so an additional decrease was added on the WS.

Edging is an offset double-row of crochet chain loops.

June 8, 2010

Two finished projects

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I thought about posting these separately so I would have more content, but that is disingenuous. Neither of these knitting projects used handspun yarn. I do have an on-going project with that, but I keep frogging it, so no pictures yet.

First: I took pictures of the Maragheh pillow which has been completed for a while now. It used Jo Sharpe Silk Road Aran Tweed yarn, 2 skeins in “Tartan”.


Second: I started and finished a project in 3 weeks. Shockingly, I made a baby hat. NOT for me! No worries on that account. It made someone happy. And I have an actual friend who is having a baby, so I had already made the mental adjustment that making baby stuff is acceptable. This used about half or less of one skein of Schaefer Heather yarn in “Billie Holiday”.
Morning Glory Hat

morning glory hat

March 21, 2010

lace turtles.

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This is the beginning of my version of Evelyn Clark’s “Swallowtail“. It is in “Georgia O’Keefe” colorway of Madelinetosh yarn given to me by SeedlessGrape. I like the yarn a lot. I also think it is perfect for this application. The results are beautiful in person. The picture is really mediocre, being a phonecam shot.

From tshawl

There is some disconnect about the name for this project. I love the idea of having a black lace shawl that I could give to someone who is newly bereaved. However, that would mean a single use for an item that will likely take me a person-year to finish. Plus most people wear black for formal and dressy events. So that would be a much better value for the time.

I think the first section’s medallions look like turtles. They also look like leaves. If I went with the funeralistic idea, I would call this “it’s turtles all the way down”. Because that is reminiscent both of the way grief pours out your soul and fills you up with pain until it runs over and drips down as tears. And also of the mythology that the Earth is flat and rests on the back of a turtle. When someone asks what the turtle rests on, the answer was, “It’s turtles all the way down.” Which suggests to me that even if your bedrock is shaky, there is something under it; and if under that is shaky, there is still more. So I am very attached to the name of the project, but I think the concept is ill-suited to the result I would prefer.

I would, perhaps, consider renaming based on something of O’Keefe’s art, but I have absolutely no clue why the M’Tosh people called it that. It is not reminiscent of O’Keefe’s work from my experience. I cannot think of a single instance where the majority of the work is black. To me, the colorway should have been “Early Spring, after the forest fire.” There are strong hints of earthy green in the black field. This and the leaf patterning of the stitch motif keeps me from naming it for a sky thing.

Perhaps this project will await its name after completion.

March 12, 2010

I am making a list, you should check it twice.

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  • Pictures are still owing. I hate posting pictures. I know pictures are what sells this. But there has to be an easier way than my dozen-step process.
  • I have new spinning. I should enpicture that too. I finished 8 ounces of CMF BFL. It is three-ply. It looks like twilight (but not Twilight) or a thunderstorm. I tried for different weights of singles. I had one bobbin that would make fingering, one that wavered between lace and fingering, and one that is sport or worsted.
  • I have started and frogged Evelyn Clark’s Swallowtail shawl. I am using the Madelinetosh sock that was given to me by a friend. It waited and taunted me because I needed a worthy project. I love the motif in the Swallowtail. It looks like little turtles. I am unkeen on the triangle shape for myself, but assuredly someone will want this. And I really want to make it.

    (I sent the friend that skein of SW BFL sock yarn from CMF that I had been so upset by. She moved and I called it a housewarming present. She likes itty bitty yarn, so I was not even giving bad gifts. Or so I thought.)

  • There was a request to publicize the Oakland Fiber Festival that Piedmont Yarn is putting on. It is being held June 27 (that is a Sunday) from 10am to 4pm at Splashpad Park. I was not able to find a website mentioning it, so no links, but it is a real thing. They are looking for vendors and artists and guilds to participate and asked that people call them. Posting is on the Bay Area Knitters and Bay Area Spinners groups on Ravelry.
  • Can someone personally recommend a spinning guild? Other than Spindles and Flyers? I went to one S&F meeting and it did not work out.
  • I am needing of a local (Oakland) source for bulk flours. Especially whole grain flour. Or somewhere that has larger quantities of oat and rye flour than the 1 pound plastic sacks from Bob’s Red Mill.

April 22, 2009

Unnamed Cowl

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Cowl finished
pattern: 7 repeats of feather and fan around (18 stitch f&f)
yarn: “Source of Gilgamesh” 2-ply leftovers from RedFish Dyeworks (bought at Stitches West 2008) 19g [1].

From cowl one

(Click on any thumbnail to be taken to the larger image page.)

April 16, 2009


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I finished the cowl. It is very nice, but looser than I would have liked. I really should have found a way to cardiganize it so it did not need to fit over my head. (Pictures later. I am going to need to shoot outside for you to see the lacework.)

In other news…. my camera is so old now that discount memory card places do not sell cards small enough for it to use. Less than three years. However, my camera takes better pictures than a lot of brand new cameras… though largely that is due to the minimization of user interference on my camera’s part. 

My hand seems mostly recovered, and, as long as I do not abuse it, it stays that way. I am definitely taking a few more months off sock knitting since that requires a lot of tight knitting. 

The cowl was knit to an enormous gauge, intentionally, but that was also helped along by using smaller needles so I did not have to pull anything and my decreases were easy due to almost sloppy stitchwork. But since lace blocks out huge, there really does need to be a lot more slack than I would have guessed.

January 19, 2009

Finding the blue something into the deep.

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I am blocking my bent scarf today. First real “lace” blocking. Lace being a bit of a misnomer since I just swapped in needles that were 6 sizes bigger every 6th row or so. But that was more interesting than dealing with yarn overs. 

Sock progress has been slower than expected. I am a handful of rounds from starting the heel. But the slog from toe to heel took ages. 

I am looking into my next knitting project and fiber-related things for the year.

Spinning projects are pretty much set. I have that “Source of Gilgamesh” to finish spinning singles for and then its plying. With the fiber club shipment here, I feel some obligation to actually spin it so I can participate— but pink bamboo yarn and a kiddy sweater? Yeah, zero enthusiasm. Who makes unwashable things for children anyway? That has to be on par with giving a kid a one-man band. By the time I finish the SoG yarn, I might need to skip ahead to the February shipment though. I wanted to spin the January shipment and post about it to the Rav group so I could collect praise, but I do not want that enough to interrupt a big and dear project.

Knitting projects upcoming are:

  • socks– possibly Leyburns but several people said the pattern is wonky and they had to revise it but I have not found a definitive source and I would like one. Monkeys come highly highly recommended but I just cannot seem to really enthuse over those. 
  • Leuca sweater
  • hat for me from “Cadberry” yarn — no real patterns in mind but I am thinking something more like a beret.
  • neck/hood/capelet thing for me from “Source of Gilgamesh” yarn— I want a cowl thing to have around my neck, but I want it to be able to pull up over my head into a hood. I want it to go around my shoulders and I need it to fasten with buttons instead of being a tube that pulls on like a t-shirt. In other words, even my imagination does not have a good picture  of it. I think what I want is sort of a cross between Little Red Riding Hood’s cape and Romi’s “Ice Queen”. I could easily make the “Ice Queen” flare out and be longer, but it would still have to go over my head. Somehow, even if it was not lacework, I do not think it would fare well from steeking. I want it to be called “Bloo Glooming Hood” and I doubt I will be satisfied until I find something suitable to that title. 
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